2012-11-28 Andreas Steffenallow update of file hashes
2012-11-28 Andreas Steffenremoved unused header include
2012-11-28 Andreas Steffendifferentiate attestation reason strings
2012-11-28 Andreas Steffenstore collected device information in database
2012-11-28 Tobias BrunnerFixed encoding of TLS extensions (elliptic_curves and...
2012-11-27 Andreas Steffenstore unique device_id in database
2012-11-23 Ewa Steffencompleted Polish language version
2012-11-23 Andreas Steffencosmetics
2012-11-23 Andreas Steffenimplemented output of item lists in remediation instruc...
2012-11-23 Andreas Steffenrefactored reason string and remediation instructions...
2012-11-22 Martin WilliDo not send traffic selectors as Split-Includ...
2012-11-21 Andreas Steffenallow the optional sharing if RSA private keys
2012-11-21 Tobias BrunnerNew Android release after adding shortcuts and confirma...
2012-11-21 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Don't allow any backup for now
2012-11-21 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Properly handle exceptions when loading keys...
2012-11-21 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Use the same tag string for all dialogs in...
2012-11-21 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Hide previous dialogs when handling a new...
2012-11-21 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Show confirmation dialog when starting a profi...
2012-11-21 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Add the ability to create shortcuts to specifi...
2012-11-21 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Start a specific VPN profile based on special...
2012-11-21 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Attribute added to display the list of VPN...
2012-11-21 Tobias BrunnerFixed two bugs in logging MSK during EAP-SIM/AKA
2012-11-21 Andreas Steffenadded ike2/rw-eap-md5-class-radius scenario
2012-11-19 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Show an error if VPN fails due to lock down...
2012-11-19 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Add error message as argument to "VPN not...
2012-11-19 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Content providers are not exported by default...
2012-11-19 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Set target SDK to 17 (Android 4.2)
2012-11-19 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Private key bug has been fixed with Android 4.2
2012-11-18 Andreas Steffenoverwrite sensitive prime with zeroes
2012-11-18 Andreas Steffenstrndup() requires string.h header file
2012-11-18 Andreas Steffenimplemented generation of safe primes
2012-11-18 Andreas Steffengenerate reason strings and remediation instructions...
2012-11-17 Andreas Steffenprecautionary measures
2012-11-17 Andreas Steffenfixed a memory leak in pacman
2012-11-17 Andreas Steffenremoved unused variable
2012-11-16 Martin WilliAdd an ikesa_limit option to limit number of IKE_SAs...
2012-11-16 Martin WilliPass PLUTO_XAUTH_ID to updown script
2012-11-15 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 5.0.2dr4
2012-11-15 Andreas Steffendiscovered the use of strndup()
2012-11-14 Andreas Steffenimplemented blacklisting of software packages
2012-11-14 Martin Willilibtnc can be initialized more than once
2012-11-14 Martin Willilibcharon can be initialized more than once
2012-11-14 Martin Willilibhydra can be initialized more than once
2012-11-14 Martin Willilibstrongswan can be initialized more than once
2012-11-13 Tobias BrunnerLimit recursion when searching for source addresses
2012-11-13 Tobias BrunnerDon't call get_route recursively if a route's gateway...
2012-11-13 Andreas Steffenfixed remediation instructions output
2012-11-12 Andreas Steffenfixed memory leak
2012-11-12 Andreas Steffenfixed typo in strcpy() function call
2012-11-12 Tobias BrunnerFix destruction of tcg_pts_attr_file_meas_t when buildi...
2012-11-12 Andreas Steffenupdated parameters
2012-11-12 Andreas Steffenimplemented reason string and remediation instructions...
2012-11-12 Andreas Steffenupdated strongswan.conf man page
2012-11-12 Andreas Steffencentralized processing of assessment information
2012-11-12 Tobias BrunnerProperly define TSS_TROUSERS in configure script
2012-11-10 Andreas Steffendefine TSS_TROUSERS compile option
2012-11-10 Andreas Steffenimplemented get_remediation_instructions()
2012-11-10 Andreas Steffenremoved debug output
2012-11-10 Andreas Steffenimplement a preferred language enumerator
2012-11-09 Andreas Steffenabort if fatal error is received from peer
2012-11-09 Andreas Steffencorrected debug class
2012-11-09 Andreas Steffenadded missing method assignments
2012-11-08 Tobias BrunnerMade TSS implementation configurable and thereby optional
2012-11-08 Andreas Steffenadded missing --update parameter
2012-11-08 Andreas Steffencreated packman daily update script
2012-11-07 Andreas Steffenpacman supports differential security updates
2012-11-07 Andreas Steffenfixed Android product string
2012-11-07 Andreas Steffenaccumulate package counts over multiple attributes
2012-11-07 Andreas Steffenuse OS type on IMV side
2012-11-07 Tobias BrunnerInclude 'aggressive' when comparing peer_cfg_t objects
2012-11-07 Tobias BrunnerFixed output of longer debug messages
2012-11-07 Tobias Brunner'signal' is a keyword in MySQL 5.5
2012-11-05 Andreas Steffenfixed debug output
2012-11-05 Andreas Steffeneliminate deinstalled packages
2012-11-05 Andreas Steffencheck installed packages in OS database
2012-11-05 Andreas SteffenDefine and use an OS enumeration type
2012-11-05 Andreas Steffencheck if assessment has already been done
2012-11-05 Andreas Steffencompute the optimum Installed Packages attribute size
2012-11-05 Andreas SteffenAdded ITA Start/Stop Angel attributes to split bulk...
2012-11-04 Andreas Steffenenumerate over installed Debian/Ubuntu packages
2012-11-04 Andreas Steffendebug output in lower case letters
2012-11-04 Andreas Steffenadded second index
2012-11-04 Andreas Steffenadd generation time to package versions
2012-11-04 Andreas Steffenextract generation time of packages file
2012-11-04 Andreas Steffenadded pacman to .gitignore
2012-11-04 Andreas Steffenstore packages with security issues and their optional...
2012-11-04 Andreas Steffencreated pacman - an Ubuntu/Debian package manager
2012-11-04 Andreas Steffenadded generation time to package versions
2012-11-02 Andreas Steffenadded package management to ipsec attest
2012-11-02 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Use proper intent-filter for our VpnService
2012-11-02 Tobias BrunnerLog sent vendor IDs for IKEv1
2012-11-02 Tobias BrunnerCompiler warning fixed
2012-11-01 Andreas Steffencheck if setting exists
2012-11-01 Andreas Steffenimplemented ITA Get Settings and ITA Settings attributes
2012-11-01 Andreas Steffensome improvements in tcg_pts_attr_file_meas.c
2012-11-01 Andreas Steffenuse countof()
2012-10-31 Andreas Steffenscanner imc/imv pair uses IETF VPN PA-TNC message subtype
2012-10-31 Andreas Steffentransmit Product Vendor ID if known
2012-10-31 Andreas Steffenadded some Linux OS PENs
2012-10-30 Martin WilliExclude dynamic TS from Unity Split-Include attributes