2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to prf_t.allocate_bytes()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliUse a bool return value in keymat_v1_t.get_hash_phase2()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to keymat_v1_t.get_hash()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to keymat_v2_t.get_auth_octets()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to keymat_v2_t.get_psk_sig()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to prf_t.get_bytes()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to tls_prf_t.set_key()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to tls_prf_t.get_bytes()
2012-07-16 Martin Williprf_plus_create() can return NULL on failure
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to prf_plus_t.get_bytes()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to prf_plus_t.allocate_bytes()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to signer_t.set_key()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to tls_crypto_t.derive_secrets()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to simaka_crypto_t.derive_keys_*()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to signer_t.get_signature()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to radius_message_t.sign()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to simaka_message_t.generate()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to signer_t.allocate_signature()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to aead_t.set_key()
2012-07-16 Martin WilliAdd a return value to aead_t.encrypt()
2012-07-16 Andreas Steffenipsec attest now can measure all files in a directory
2012-07-16 Andreas Steffenmoved listing of file measurements to pts_file_meas
2012-07-16 Andreas Steffenmoved to debug level 3
2012-07-14 Tobias BrunnerCompilation error fixed if dladdr is not available
2012-07-13 Martin WilliDon't modify the message string passed to logger, as...
2012-07-13 Andreas Steffentransfer IMA file measurements via PA-TNC
2012-07-13 Andreas Steffensome more copyright updates
2012-07-13 Martin WilliInvoke autoheader after libtool/aclocal to work on...
2012-07-13 Martin WilliSilence cast warning on 32-bit platforms
2012-07-13 Martin WilliDon't set BFD_DECOMPRESS when building against older...
2012-07-13 Martin WilliLog to a malloc()ed buffer if the on-stack buffer is...
2012-07-13 Martin WilliAppend directly to base string in vstr printf hooks
2012-07-13 Martin WilliWrite directly to FILE stream in glibc printf hooks
2012-07-13 Martin WilliPass opaque data to printf hooks and print_in_hook()
2012-07-13 Martin WilliIncrease leak detective backtrace depth by a frame
2012-07-13 Martin WilliDon't access tail magic when reallocating invalid memor...
2012-07-13 Martin WilliWith --enable-bfd-backtraces, use binutils libbfd to...
2012-07-13 Martin WilliAdd an external method to disable leak detective temporarly
2012-07-13 Tobias BrunnerSimplify NAT-D payload creation if UDP encapsulation...
2012-07-13 Andreas Steffenadded PA-TNC max_msg_len option to man page
2012-07-13 Andreas Steffenupdated Copyright info
2012-07-13 Andreas Steffenwait for the finalization of the Functional Component...
2012-07-12 Andreas Steffenrestrict PA-TNC message siz only if upper limit is...
2012-07-12 Andreas Steffena curly bracket got lost
2012-07-12 Andreas Steffendestroy oversized attributes
2012-07-12 Andreas Steffenprevent endless loop with oversize attributes
2012-07-12 Andreas Steffenrestrict PA-TNC messages to maximum size
2012-07-12 Andreas Steffenrefactored PA-TNC attribute error handling
2012-07-12 Andreas Steffenfixed memory leak in the IETF standard error handling
2012-07-12 Andreas Steffenstatic upper size limit for PA-TNC messages
2012-07-12 Tobias BrunnerAvoid that any % characters (e.g. in %any) are evaluate...
2012-07-12 Tobias BrunnerAdded PLUGIN_NOOP to separate PLUGIN_PROVIDE from previ...
2012-07-12 Tobias of libstrongswan adapted to config.h changes
2012-07-12 Tobias BrunnerProperly cleanup thread-local values for the threads...
2012-07-12 Martin WilliSet a sane default if --with-dev-headers is given witho...
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenfixed a memory leak in imc|imv_agent
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenimc/imv->send_message() uses attr_list
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenremoved unused variables
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenfixed libstrongswan/
2012-07-11 Martin WilliUse "-include config.h" when building ruby dumm extension
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 5.0.1dr1
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenfixed logging of unsupported TNCCS version
2012-07-11 Andreas SteffenPB-TNC Client sends empty CLOSE batch only in DECIDED...
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenhave_recommendation() accepts NULL arguments
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffensend empty SDATA batch if no recommendation is availabl...
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenmoved batch size calculation into pb_tnc_batch_t
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenmake maximum PB-TNC batch size configurable
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenlimit the size of a PB-TNC batch to the maximum EAP...
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenremove pluto logging
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffeneliminate message length field in EAP-TNC
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenadded charon.plugins.eap-tnc.protocol option
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffendue to single fragment, total length does not have...
2012-07-11 Andreas SteffenEAP-TNC does not support fragmentation
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenallow to transmit 64k TLS Handshake and Application...
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffensome tls_eap optimizations
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenconfigure size of ITA Dummy PA-TNC attribute
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenmax_message_count = 0 disables limit
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffendefined ITA Dummy PA-TNC attribute for test purposes
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenuse TSS_PCRS_STRUCT_DEFAULT
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenlog invalid TLS packet length
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffencheck boot_aggregate value
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenrefactored PTS functional component measurements
2012-07-11 Martin WilliInstall dev headers only if --with-dev-headers= option...
2012-07-11 Martin WilliInstall libtls development headers
2012-07-11 Martin WilliInstall libfast development headers
2012-07-11 Martin WilliDefine CONFIG_H_INCLUDED in Android build
2012-07-11 Martin WilliCheck if config.h passed correctly via gcc -include
2012-07-11 Martin WilliInstall libstrongswan development headers
2012-07-11 Martin WilliUse and install a config.h AC_CONFIG_HEADER that contai...
2012-07-11 Martin WilliAdded a description to all AC_DEFINE macros, as require...
2012-07-11 Martin WilliAdd safe_strerror() to leak detective whitelist
2012-07-10 Martin WilliSend cert request based on peers configured authenticat...
2012-07-09 Martin WilliAdd an option to disable libstrongswan certificate...
2012-07-09 Tobias Brunnergetpwnam_r and getgrnam_r are not supported by the...
2012-07-09 Tobias of libstrongswan updated
2012-07-09 Martin WilliDon't send CERTREQs when initiating aggressive mode PSK
2012-07-05 Tobias BrunnerFixed help text for --disable-xauth-generic plugin
2012-07-04 Martin WilliRefactored heavily #ifdefd capability code to its own...
2012-07-04 Tobias BrunnerUse spin locks to update IKE_SAs in controller_t
2012-07-04 Tobias BrunnerAdded wrapper for POSIX spin locks