2018-12-27 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.7.2 5.7.2
2018-12-20 Tobias BrunnerUse https:// for URLs in documents
2018-12-19 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.7.2rc1 5.7.2rc1
2018-12-18 Tobias BrunnerNEWS: More news for 5.7.2
2018-12-18 Tobias BrunnerFixed some typos, courtesy of codespell
2018-12-18 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'radius-accounting-unclaimed'
2018-12-18 Tobias Brunnereap-radius: Don't clear unclaimed IPs early if accounti...
2018-12-18 Tobias Brunnereap-radius: Add unclaimed IPs to Accounting-Stop messages
2018-12-18 Tobias Brunnereap-radius: Add method to explicitly clear unclaimed IPs
2018-12-17 Tobias Brunnereap-radius: Add RADIUS Accounting session ID to Access...
2018-12-14 Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Make credential directories relative to swanct...
2018-12-12 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Make sure to release the functional ENGINE...
2018-12-09 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.7.2dr4 5.7.2dr4
2018-12-09 Andreas Steffenlibimcv: Updated openssl version in IMV database
2018-12-09 Andreas Steffentesting: Migrated ikev2 scenarios to swanctl
2018-12-07 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ikev1-adopt-child-tasks'
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnerike: Implement adopt_child_tasks() outside task managers
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunneradopt-children-job: Adopt child-creating tasks from...
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnerike-sa: Expose task_manager_t::remove_task()
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnertask-manager: Add method to remove a task from a queue
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnerike-sa-manager: Migrate child creating tasks during...
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnerike-sa: Expose task_manager_t::adopt_child_tasks()
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnercharon-cmd: Register atexit() handler for libcharon_dei...
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnerikev2: Don't recreate IKE_SA if deletion fails after...
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnerikev2: Ignore COOKIE notifies we already received
2018-12-07 Thomas Egererha: Add auth method for HA IKEv1 key derivation
2018-12-07 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ha-pool-offset'
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnerha: Divide virtual IPs evenly among all segments
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnerha: Add getter for the number of segments
2018-12-07 Tobias Brunnerha: Improve distribution of pool addresses over segments
2018-12-03 Tobias Brunnerkernel-pfkey: Read reqid directly from acquire if possible
2018-12-03 Tobias Brunnerikev2: Only set STAT_INBOUND for valid and expected...
2018-12-03 Tobias Brunnerscepclient: Don't use a block-scope buffer for the...
2018-11-30 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'openssl-25519/448'
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunnertravis: Don't run sonarcloud in forked repositories
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunnertravis: Use the latest OpenSSL release for unit tests
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunnertravis: Only use GCC for crypto plugin tests
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Add test suite for Ed448
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Add fingerprint test vectors for Ed25519
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunnercurve25519: Prevent Ed25519 signature malleability
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Use separate DRBG for RNG_STRONG and RNG_TRUE...
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunnerleak-detective: Whitelist functions added in OpenSSL...
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Add support for Ed25519/Ed448
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunnerdh-speed: Add curve448 keyword
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunnertest-vectors: Add vector for X448
2018-11-30 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Add support for X25519 and X448
2018-11-22 Tobias Brunnerbypass-lan: Compare interface for unchanged policies
2018-11-22 Tobias Brunnerchild-delete: Don't send delete for expired CHILD_SAs...
2018-11-22 Tobias Brunnerkernel-netlink: Update SA selector if it contains chang...
2018-11-22 Tobias BrunnerAvoid inclusion of unistd.h in generated lexers
2018-11-21 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'travis-xenial'
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Use ccache for MinGW builds
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Use manual matrix expansion to improve overall...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Simplify explicitly included jobs
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Start with sonarcloud job first
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Use two threads to analyze C code with SonarQube
2018-11-21 Tobias BrunnerFix make distcheck if systemd is installed
2018-11-21 Tobias BrunnerDoxyfile: Remove obsolete XML options
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnergcrypt: Don't use thread callbacks for newer versions...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Don't build TSS2 as root
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Add sleep in after_failure
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Build on Ubuntu Xenial (16.04)
2018-11-21 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'testing-stretch'
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Switch to Debian stretch base images
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Install a package via apt-get to get a second...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Add additional memory to alice
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Generate some UTF-8 locales
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Disable systemd's NTP service
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Allow enabling only timestamps without verbose...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Show config files of FreeRADIUS 3.0 in test...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Config changes for FreeRADIUS 3.0
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Use freeradius instead of the removed radiusd...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Remove unused/inexistent DSA key from sshd...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Only run DHCPv4 by setting an listening interf...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Remove unused dhcpd config on moon
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Accept ping6 output with IP address after...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Install traceroute utility in base image
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Only attempt to copy patches if there are any
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Remove TNC@FHH dependencies and scenarios...
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnerlibimcv: Add Debian 9.5 and 9.6 to IMV database
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Remove Apache config hacks for Debian wheezy
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnertesting: Support build with Debian stretch base image
2018-11-21 Tobias Brunnercharon-systemd: Don't use atexit() to deinitialize...
2018-11-20 Afschin Hormozdiaryikev1: Ensure DPD_ACK is sent in time
2018-11-20 Andreas Steffenpt-tls-client: Fixed man page
2018-11-12 Tobias Brunnerconftest: Sanity check for proposal number modifier
2018-11-12 Tobias Brunnerbotan: Initialize p and q before calling calculate_pq()
2018-11-12 Tobias BrunnerRemove useless break statements
2018-11-12 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.7.2dr3 5.7.2dr3
2018-11-12 Andreas Steffentesting: Added botan/net2net-pkcs12 scenario
2018-11-12 Andreas Steffentesting: Migrated openssl-ikev2/net2net-pkcs12 scenario...
2018-11-12 Andreas Steffentesting: Removed openssl-ikev2/rw-eap-tls-only scenario
2018-11-12 Andreas Steffentesting: Removed openssl-ikev2/net2net-pgp-v3 scenario
2018-11-12 Andreas Steffentesting: migrated openssl-ikev2/critical-extension...
2018-11-09 Andreas Steffentesting: Migrated openssl/rw-cert scenario to swanctl
2018-11-09 Andreas Steffentesting: Migrated openssl-ikev2/ecdsa-pkcs8 scenario...
2018-11-09 Andreas Steffentesting: Migrated openssl brainpool scenarios to swanctl
2018-11-09 Andreas Steffentesting: Migrated openssl alg-ecp-low scenarios to...
2018-11-09 Andreas Steffentesting: Migrated openssl alg-ecp-high scenarios
2018-11-09 Andreas Steffentesting: Migrated openssl alg-camellia scenarios to...