2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Use SAD to manage TKM ESA context information
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Implement TKM kernel SA database (SAD)
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Add TKM_CTX_ESA (ESP SA context id)
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Use rng to generate local ESP SPIs
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... charon-tkm: Register kernel_netlink_net
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Do not return shared secret in TKM Diffie-Hellman
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Remove keymat proxy from TKM keymat
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiRemove netlink proxy from TKM kernel interface
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiAvoid proxy for bypass_socket, enable_udp_decap
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Implement CHILD SA key derivation using TKM
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Register TKM kernel ipsec interface in charon-tkm
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Add TKM kernel ipsec skeleton
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkichunk_map: Store key, value pair in entry_t struct
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiCall ike_isa_auth_psk in listener authorize hook
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkilistener: Register message hook
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkikeymat: Add AUTH payload setter/getter functions
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiRegister TKM bus listener in charon-tkm
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiAdd TKM specific bus listener skeleton
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiAdd ISA context id getter to TKM keymat
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkikeymat: Acquire AE context ID on initialization
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiAdd TKM_CTX_AE (Authenticated Endpoint context)
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkikeymat: Acquire ISA context ID on initialization
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiAdd TKM_CTX_ISA (IKE SA context)
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiUse remote PSK signature computed by TKM
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkikeymat: Check for aes256-sha512 in derive_ike_keys
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... keymat: Call ike_isa_sign_psk in get_psk_sig
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiFactor out AEAD transform creation
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiAdd keymat IKE key derivation test case
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkikeymat: Create inbound and outbound AEAD transforms
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkikeymat: Extract enc,inc algorithms from proposal
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkikeymat: Call TKM Isa_Create procedure
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiImplement chunk_to_sequence function
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiImplement sequence_to_chunk function
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... keymat: Log nonce and DH context ids
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Add context id getter to TKM DH implementation
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... keymat: Get context id of local nonce
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... nonceg: Insert id mapping when allocating nonce
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Add chunk map
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Add context id getter to TKM nonce generator
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkiid_manager: Use calloc instead of malloc
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiUse ikev2 keymat proxy
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiAdd skeleton for TKM keymat variant
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkiid_manager: Use limits given by TKM
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiPass context limits on to id manager
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiRequest limits from TKM on init
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkiid_manager: Use array of bool instead of list
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiUse id manager to acquire DH context id
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiAdd TKM_CTX_DH (Diffie-Hellman context) to id manager
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiUse id manager to acquire nonce context id
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiAdd initial TKM Diffie-Hellman implementation
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkicharon-tkm: Register tkm nonce generator
2013-03-19 Reto Buerkitkm_nonceg: Return nonce generated by TKM
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiInitialize TKM client library in tkm.c
2013-03-19 Reto BuerkiIntroduce TKM specific charon daemon (charon-tkm)
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... starter: Make daemon name configurable
2013-03-19 Adrian-Ken... Add configure option --enable-unit-tests
2013-03-19 Tobias BrunnerLoad arbitrary (non-host) attributes from strongswan...
2013-03-19 Martin WilliDon't try to mmap() empty ipsec.secret files
2013-03-19 Tobias BrunnerDelete IKE_SAs if responder does not initiate XAuth...
2013-03-19 Tobias Brunnertesting: Rename interfaces and bridges so they are...
2013-03-19 Tobias Brunnertesting: Don't use a specific version for the QEMU...
2013-03-19 Tobias BrunnerNEWS about xauth-noauth added
2013-03-19 Tobias BrunnerMake sure that xauth-noauth is not used accidentally
2013-03-19 Tobias BrunnerAdded xauth-noauth plugin
2013-03-19 Martin WilliIn stroke counters, check if we have an IKE_SA before...
2013-03-18 Martin WilliAdd an "esp" load-tester option to configure custom...
2013-03-18 Tobias BrunnerAlgorithms are not really specific to an IKE version
2013-03-18 Martin WilliAdd some 5.0.3 NEWS
2013-03-18 Martin WilliMerge branch 'radius-ext'
2013-03-18 Martin WilliMerge branch 'stroke-counters'
2013-03-18 Martin WilliMerge branch 'stroke-timeout'
2013-03-18 Martin WilliMerge branch 'netlink-align'
2013-03-15 Martin WilliUse netlink_add_attribute() to copy over attributes...
2013-03-15 Martin WilliUse a helper function to add XFRM_MARK attribute
2013-03-15 Martin WilliUse netlink_reserve() helper function in XFRM to simpli...
2013-03-15 Martin WilliAdd a Netlink utility function to add a RTA header...
2013-03-15 Martin WilliCorrectly check buffer length in netlink_add_attribute()
2013-03-15 Martin WilliAvoid unneeded termination of netlink algorithm name...
2013-03-15 Martin WilliAdd a "resetcounters" command to ipsec, clearing global...
2013-03-15 Martin WilliAdd connection name specific stroke counters
2013-03-15 Martin WilliAdd a chunk_from_str() initializer that does not includ...
2013-03-14 Martin WilliDon't create interim update entries if RADIUS accountin...
2013-03-14 Martin WilliAdd support for RADIUS Interim accounting updates
2013-03-14 Martin WilliAdd an option to delete any established IKE_SA if RADIU...
2013-03-14 Martin WilliMake check whether to use IKEv1 fragmentation more...
2013-03-14 Martin WilliSend Acct-Terminate-Cause based on some alerts catched...
2013-03-14 Martin WilliWhen IKEv1 DPD times out, raise missing SEND_RETRANSMIT...
2013-03-14 Martin WilliRaise an alert if an IKE_SA could not have been reauthe...
2013-03-14 Martin WilliSend NAS-Port, NAS-IP and Calling/Called-Station-ID...
2013-03-14 Martin WilliSupport RADIUS accounting of sent/received packets
2013-03-14 Martin WilliReport the number of processed packets in "ipsec statusall"
2013-03-14 Martin Willichild_sa_t.get_usestats() can additionally return the...
2013-03-14 Martin WilliPass correclty sized pointer to lookup_algorithm()...
2013-03-14 Martin Willikernel_ipsec_t.query_sa() additionally returns the...
2013-03-13 Martin WilliSend NAS-Port, NAS-IP and Calling/Called-Station-ID...
2013-03-12 Martin WilliForward Cisco Banner received from RADIUS to Unity...
2013-03-12 Martin WilliAdd a radius message method to enumerate vendor specifi...
2013-03-12 Martin WilliAdd Altiga Private Enterprise Numbers that Cisco uses...
2013-03-12 Martin WilliIn eap-radius, hand out received Framed-IP-Address...
2013-03-12 Martin WilliAdd missing XAuthRespPSK switch case to IKEv1 key deriv...