2011-04-14 Tobias BrunnerIn scanf the maxmium length of %s does not include...
2011-04-14 Tobias is an unsigned long.
2011-04-14 Tobias BrunnerFix compiler warnings at creation of CRL cache filenames.
2011-04-14 Tobias BrunnerFixed output in ietf_attributes_t.get_string.
2011-04-14 Tobias BrunnerFix "set nexthop to him when instantiating rightallowye...
2011-04-14 Andreas Steffenadded TLS renegotiation_info extension
2011-04-14 Martin WilliShow full blown traffic selector in log_ts hook
2011-04-13 Tobias BrunnerFixed check for member of stroke_msg_t in pop_string.
2011-04-12 Tobias Brunnerpluto: Properly initialize a.continuation.
2011-04-12 Tobias Brunnerpluto: Properly initialize ta.encrypter.
2011-04-12 Tobias Brunnerpluto: Fixed off by one error when reading private...
2011-04-12 Tobias BrunnerRemoved unused variables.
2011-04-12 Martin WilliFix compiler warning after fetcher_t.fetch signature...
2011-04-11 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.2dr5
2011-04-11 Andreas Steffenupdated NEWS
2011-04-08 Martin WilliUse an IV size of zero for DES in ECB mode
2011-04-08 Martin WilliFixed debug statement if algorithm benchmarking enabled
2011-04-08 Andreas Steffenwith the 2.6.38 kernel alice is preferred for handling...
2011-04-07 Duncan Salernofixed bit mask
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffenadded EAP-PEAP options to strongswan.conf
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffendefine MSCHAPv2 as default phase2 algorithm for EAP...
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffenadded ikev2/rw-eap-peap-mschapv2 scenario
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffenadded ikev2/rw-eap-peap-md5 scenario
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffenadded ikev2/rw-eap-peap-radius scenario
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffenallow multi-pass authentication schemes as e.g. MSCHAPv2
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffendisplay EAP identifiers in HEX format
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffenno EAP identifier offset required in build() function
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffenadded missing function pointers in eap_identity_create_...
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffenimplemented the PEAP tunneling protocol as an EAP plugin
2011-04-06 Andreas Steffenadded get|set_identifier() methods to eap_tnc_t
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenadded EAP identifier to debug output
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenadded get|set_identifier() methods to eap_tls_t and...
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenadded TLS_PURPOSE_EAP_PEAP
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenimplemented get|set_identifier() for tls_eap_t
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffeneap_packet_t definition moved to libstrongswan/eap...
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenadded EAP PEAP and MSTLV protocols
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenimplemented get|set_identifier() for eap_sim_t
2011-04-05 Andreas SteffenMigrated eap_sim plugin to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenimplemented get|set_identifier() for eap_radius_t
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenstore EAP identifier on peer side
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenimplemented get|set_identifier() for eap_aka_t
2011-04-05 Martin WilliAdded support for DES_ECB to af-alg, required for eap...
2011-04-05 Andreas SteffenMigrated eap_aka plugin to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenimplemented get|set_identifier() for eap_gtc_t
2011-04-05 Andreas SteffenMigrated eap_gtc plugin to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenimplemented get|set_identifier() for eap_mschapv2_t
2011-04-05 Andreas SteffenMigrated eap_mschapv2 plugin to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenimplemented get|set_identifier() for eap_identity_t...
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenlog the EAP identifier also for vendor specific EAP...
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenlog the initial value of the EAP identifier
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenadded get_identifier() and set_identifier() methods
2011-04-04 Martin WilliMigrated eap_sim_pcsc plugin to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-04-04 Martin WilliSlightly reformatted SIM pcsc code
2011-04-04 Duncan SalernoAdded SIM card backend based on pcsc-lite
2011-04-04 Martin WilliAdded alloc/stream options to fetcher test utility
2011-04-04 Martin WilliAdded support for FETCH_CALLBACK to soup fetcher
2011-04-04 Martin WilliSupport FETCH_CALLBACK in curl fetcher
2011-04-04 Martin WilliAdded a new FETCH_CALLBACK option to fetch data without...
2011-04-04 Martin WilliMigrated fetcher_manager to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-04-02 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.2dr4
2011-04-01 Andreas Steffenupdated ikev2/rw-eap-tnc scenarios
2011-03-29 Miklos VajnaInstall systemd service file if systemd is available
2011-03-25 Andreas Steffenlog TNC PEP decision with level 0
2011-03-23 Martin WilliIncrease whitelist message identity buffer to 128 bytes
2011-03-23 Martin WilliFix order of PURGE_* flags to be compatible with STROKE...
2011-03-22 Tobias BrunnerMake availability of glob(3) optional in settings_t.
2011-03-22 Tobias BrunnerMake sure that files included in settings_t are regular...
2011-03-22 Tobias BrunnerDefine PLUGINDIR in even though it is curren...
2011-03-22 Tobias BrunnerFile lists in files updated to those in...
2011-03-22 Tobias BrunnerFall back to _LINUX_CAPABILITY_VERSION if no explicit...
2011-03-19 Andreas Steffenredirect debug output of imc/imv pairs to syslog
2011-03-19 Andreas Steffensome changes to the ikev2/rw-eap-tnc-11|20 scenarios
2011-03-19 Andreas SteffenTNC server did not issue a TNC_CONNECTION_STATE_HANDSHA...
2011-03-18 Andreas Steffenaf-alg plugin does not require hmac and xcbc plugins
2011-03-18 Andreas Steffenadded duplicheck.enable and whitelist.enable options...
2011-03-18 Andreas Steffenadded af-alg-ikev1/alg-camellia scenario
2011-03-18 Andreas Steffenadded af-alg-ikev2/alg-camellia scenario
2011-03-17 Andreas Steffenadded the af-alg-ikev1/rw-cert scenario
2011-03-17 Andreas Steffenadded the af-alg-ikev2/rw-cert scenario
2011-03-17 Andreas Steffenbuild the af-alg plugin in the UML test environment
2011-03-17 Andreas Steffeninclude linux/if_alg.h in the strongSwan distribution
2011-03-17 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.2dr3
2011-03-17 Andreas Steffenadded NEWS for 4.5.2dr2 release
2011-03-17 Martin WilliAdded a strongswan.conf "enabled" option for duplicheck...
2011-03-17 Martin WilliAdded strongswan.conf and runtime option to enable...
2011-03-15 Martin WilliMove establish/inherit of rekeyed IKE_SAs to delete...
2011-03-15 Martin WilliWrap IKE delete after rekey into rekey task for respond...
2011-03-15 Martin WilliDo not invoke processor restart() if not required
2011-03-15 Martin WilliMigrated ike_rekey task to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-03-12 Andreas Steffenfixed asn1_oid_from_string(), allowing it to handle...
2011-03-11 Andreas Steffenfixed parsing of X.509 certificatePolicies
2011-03-11 Andreas Steffenadded tcg-at-tpmIdLabel OID
2011-03-11 Andreas Steffenoutput unknown OIDs in dot string notation
2011-03-11 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.2dr2
2011-03-11 Andreas Steffenadded NEWS for the 4.5.2dr1 release
2011-03-09 Andreas Steffenfixed asn1_oid_to_string() conversion
2011-03-09 Martin WilliUse a boolean expression for refcount check, fixes...
2011-03-08 Martin WilliMigrated sim_manager to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-03-08 Martin WilliProtect sim card/provider/hook (un-)registration with...
2011-03-08 Martin WilliSplitted sim_manager.h header to sim_{card,provider...