2014-01-13 Andreas SteffenCatch AIK errors
2014-01-13 Andreas SteffenDo TPM measurements only if there is a TPMRA workitem
2014-01-13 Andreas SteffenAllow reason strings to be used as workitem result...
2014-01-13 Andreas SteffenAttestation IMV processes TPMRA workitem
2014-01-10 Andreas SteffenAdded TPM Remote Attestation (TPMRA) workitem
2014-01-08 Tobias Brunnerchecksum: Set rpath including DESTDIR for checksum_builder
2014-01-06 Tobias Brunnertest-asn1: Fix skipping of >2038 tests on i386
2014-01-06 Tobias Brunnerchunk: Fix chunk_mac/hash tests on big-endian systems
2014-01-06 Tobias Brunnerutils: Fix %T printf hook on big-endian systems
2014-01-06 Tobias Brunnerchecksum: Delay building of checksum_builder until...
2014-01-06 Tobias Brunnerchecksum: Remove unnecessary pluto symbol
2014-01-06 Tobias Brunnerstroke: Fix error message if parsing leftsourceip fails
2013-12-20 Andreas SteffenUpdate PCR even if measurement does not equal reference...
2013-12-20 Tobias Brunnertun-device: Include system headers before our own
2013-12-19 Tobias Brunneraes-test: Fix compiler warnings from older versions...
2013-12-13 Andreas SteffenFixed check_file_measurement method in pts_database_t
2013-12-08 Andreas Steffenunit-tests: NTRU test to check a special branch
2013-12-07 Andreas Steffenmin_MGF_hash_calls parameter is not needed anymore
2013-12-07 Andreas SteffenOptimized MGF1 implementation
2013-12-07 Andreas SteffenImplemented ntru_trits class
2013-12-06 Andreas SteffenStreamlined DRBG and MGF1 debug output
2013-12-06 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.1.2dr2 5.1.2.dr2
2013-12-06 Andreas Steffenunit-tests: Added crypter tests
2013-12-05 Andreas SteffenAdded own MGF1 mask generating function
2013-12-04 Andreas Steffenunit-tests: Added hasher tests
2013-12-04 Andreas SteffenMoved test_rng to a test suite of its own
2013-12-04 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Don't use priority for destructor that...
2013-12-04 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Export ntru_drbg_create as testable functio...
2013-12-04 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Add facility to register testable functions
2013-12-04 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Move ntru_test_rng_t to a utility class...
2013-12-04 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Fix apidoc for libtest
2013-12-04 Tobias Brunnerntru: Fix compiler warning caused by ++/-- on righthand...
2013-12-04 Reto Buerkitesting: Fix status output in build-baseimage script
2013-12-04 Reto BuerkiRemove check library from HACKING document
2013-12-04 Reto Buerkicharon-tkm: Abort if gprbuild binary is not found
2013-12-04 Reto Buerkicharon-tkm: Update integration tests
2013-12-03 Adrian-Ken... charon-tkm: Implement IANA DH Id to TKM Id mapping
2013-12-03 Adrian-Ken... charon-tkm: Drop unnecessary include
2013-12-03 Andreas SteffenFixed formatting in strongswan.conf
2013-11-28 Tobias Brunnerike: Log SK_p consistently on level 4
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenUpdated NEWS for 5.1.2dr1 5.1.2dr1
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenAdded DRBG automatic reseeding tests
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenUse strongSwan hash plugins for SHA-1 and SHA-256
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenExtended NIST SP 800-90A HMAC_DRBG test cases
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenCleaned up ntru-crypto library
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenImplemented NIST SP 800-90A DRBG_HMAC with SHA-256
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenAdded NTRU key exchange to default IKE proposal
2013-11-27 Andreas Steffenunit-tests: Added ntru wrong ciphertext test
2013-11-27 Andreas Steffenunit-tests: Added ntru entropy, retransmission and...
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenAny of the four NTRU parameter sets can be selected
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenMake the NTRU parameter set configurable
2013-11-27 Andreas Steffenunit-tests: first NTRU test case
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenAdded ikev2/net2net-ntru-cert and ikev2/rw-ntru-psk...
2013-11-27 Andreas SteffenPrototype implementation of IKE key exchange via NTRU...
2013-11-27 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'nm-psk'
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnernm: Require the PSK to be at least 20 characters long
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnernm: German translation updated
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnernm: Handle PSK option in NM backend
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnernm: Add PSK option to auth-dialog
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnernm: Add pre-shared key option in GUI
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnernm: Make intltool recognize glade files properly
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnerconfigure: Remove obsolete --enable-unit-tests option
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnercharon-tkm: Don't run tests automatically during 'make...
2013-11-27 Reto Buerkicharon-tkm: Add Binder switches to test project to...
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnercharon-tkm: Migrate tests to our own test runner
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnercharon-tkm: Support for out-of-tree build added
2013-11-27 Tobias Brunnerchunk: Fix signedness warnings caused by chunk_from_...
2013-11-22 Martin Willitun-device: Include <linux/types.h> before <linux/if_tun.h>
2013-11-21 Tobias Brunnertrap-manager: Reset IKE_SA on bus_t if initiating fails
2013-11-21 Tobias Brunnertrap-manager: Prevent deadlock when installing trap...
2013-11-21 Tobias Brunnercoverage: Report branch coverage
2013-11-20 Martin Williprintf-hook-builtin: Don't use %P to print uppercase...
2013-11-19 Tobias Brunnertesting: Config for Linux kernel 3.12
2013-11-19 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Verify that a peer's ECDH public value is...
2013-11-19 Tobias Brunnerkernel-netlink: Enable TFC padding only for tunnel...
2013-11-19 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.1.2dr1
2013-11-15 Andreas SteffenImplemented libstrongswan.plugins.random.strong_equals_...
2013-11-13 Tobias Brunnerandroid: New release based on 5.1.1
2013-11-13 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Remove dependency on libvstr
2013-11-06 Martin WilliMerge branch 'unit-tests'
2013-11-06 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Initialize tests with a callback
2013-11-06 Tobias Brunnerplugin-loader: Convenience function added to add plugin...
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Separate test runner to a library, reusable...
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Use some include magic to define test suite...
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Check printing of strings having zero length
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add some basic tests if PRI* printf specifi...
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a semaphore wait cancel test
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a semaphore absolute timed wait test
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a semaphore timed wait test case
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a simple semaphore test
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a spinlock test case
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a rwlock condvar thread cancel test
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a rwlock condvar absolute timed wait...
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a rwlock condvar wait test
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a rwlock condvar broadcast test
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a rwlock condvar test
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a rwlock test case
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a condvar test where wait gets cancelled
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a condvar test working on a recursive...
2013-11-06 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a condvar absolute timed wait test