2008-12-03 Tobias Brunneradd support for smartcards in charon by using the ENGIN...
2008-12-03 Tobias Brunnerenable quoted tokens in the token enumerator
2008-12-03 Tobias Brunnerfixed compiler warning
2008-12-03 Tobias Brunneradded memstr and extract_token_str helper functions
2008-12-03 Tobias Brunneradding general purpose hash table
2008-12-03 Martin Willifixed double free of host in selector2ts
2008-12-02 Martin Williref_get()/ref_put() use atomic gcc operations if suppor...
2008-12-02 Martin Williadded a --disable-threads ./configure option for pluto
2008-12-02 Martin Williuse DBG_ANY to set all loglevels
2008-12-02 Martin Williadded time.h include for struct tm
2008-12-01 Martin Willisome task queueing improvements:
2008-12-01 Andreas Steffenre-established lost default auth sys_logger
2008-11-28 Martin Willischedule rekeying when activating passive IKE_SAs
2008-11-28 Martin Willido not delete passive IKE_SAs
2008-11-28 Martin Williadded a PASSIVE IKE_SA state to manage it externally
2008-11-28 Martin Willipass SKd to derive_ike_keys() to have a more interopera...
2008-11-28 Martin Willifixed a double-unlock bug, showed up when using rwlocks...
2008-11-27 Martin Williuse rwlocks in backend manager to allow simultaneous...
2008-11-27 Martin Williuse a rwlock in attribute manager to allow simultaneous...
2008-11-27 Martin Williremove attribute provider in SQL plugin destruction
2008-11-27 Martin Williadded an include hack to build starter without gmp.h
2008-11-27 Martin Willifixed pluto out-of-tree builds
2008-11-27 Martin Willitoken enumerator missed the last token if it contains...
2008-11-26 Martin Willicheckin of non-existing IKE_SAs
2008-11-26 Martin Williremoved private parser function pointers, allows compil...
2008-11-26 Martin Williremoved private generator function pointers, allows...
2008-11-26 Martin Williinlined some short chunk functions, showed up in the...
2008-11-26 Martin Willimemxor() tweaks, as it is heavily used in xcbc
2008-11-26 Tobias Brunnerallow to globally disable DOS protection by setting...
2008-11-25 Tobias Brunneroptimized the scheduler for performance by replacing...
2008-11-25 Tobias Brunnerreplacing the pthread_mutex in scheduler_t with the...
2008-11-25 Tobias Brunnerperformance optimization for the DOS protection.
2008-11-25 Andreas Steffenfixed crash due to missing function call parameter
2008-11-25 Andreas Steffenuse static IPsec policy iptables rule for alice in...
2008-11-24 Martin Willifixed set_message_id() on IKE_SA
2008-11-24 Martin Williset message IDs on IKE_SAs
2008-11-24 Martin Willimoved the IPV6_IPSEC_POLICY definition to the ipsec...
2008-11-23 Martin Williadded a "load_tester.auth" option: "pubkey" (default...
2008-11-23 Martin Williproper cancellation of load-testing initiators
2008-11-22 Martin Williadded a MODP_NULL Diffie Hellman group to avoid calcula...
2008-11-21 Martin Williexpecting int sized length arguments to chunk_split...
2008-11-20 Tobias Brunnerfixing Makefile of the nm plugin (avoids including...
2008-11-20 Tobias Brunneroptimized ike_sa_manager for concurrent access (default...
2008-11-19 Martin Willifixed lock-profiler help message
2008-11-19 Martin Willirefactored and cleaned up child_sa interface
2008-11-18 Tobias Brunnerfixing compilation on systems lacking linux/xfrm.h
2008-11-18 Martin Willisetting default port of own address to have a proper...
2008-11-18 Martin Williconsider interfaces we do not monitor as up (e.g. lo)
2008-11-18 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.2.10
2008-11-17 Martin Williseparated updown listener to its own class 4.2.9
2008-11-17 Andreas Steffenfixed virtual IP re-installation failure in MOBIKE...
2008-11-16 Andreas Steffenset release number back to 4.2.9
2008-11-16 Andreas Steffenadded migration to NEWS
2008-11-16 Andreas Steffencompleted migration of MIPv6 connections
2008-11-16 Andreas Steffenshow TRANSPORT_PROXY mode in ipsec status
2008-11-14 Martin Williusing aligned buffers for netlink
2008-11-14 Martin Willifallback to reauthentication if peer does not support...
2008-11-14 Martin Willifall back to reauthentication if IKE rekeying fails...
2008-11-14 Martin Willialso use correct encap parameter in PF_KEY
2008-11-14 Martin Willifixed encap enabling in xfrm (using new encap state...
2008-11-14 Martin Willido not use a route if outgoing interface is down
2008-11-14 Martin Willirta->rta_len is NOT the payload data length, use RTA_PA...
2008-11-14 Martin Willido not use public interface for functions which are...
2008-11-14 Martin Willireset IKE_SA on bus during child_sa destruction
2008-11-13 Andreas Steffenadapted evaltest.dat to changed debug output
2008-11-13 Martin Williupdated API doc for socket.h
2008-11-13 Martin Williported socket enumerator to raw-socket.c
2008-11-13 Andreas Steffenadded type=transport_proxy and installpolicy=yes|no...
2008-11-13 Andreas Steffenadded MIPv6 functionality to NEWS
2008-11-12 Andreas Steffencorrected unwanted deletion in comment
2008-11-12 Martin WilliBEET mode might want forwarding policies
2008-11-12 Martin Williremoved some obsolete includes
2008-11-12 Martin Willimoved ike_initiator flag to IKE_SAs condition bitfield
2008-11-12 Martin Williported some hard-to-merge cherries back to trunk :-/
2008-11-12 Martin Willifixing keylength bug at the right place:
2008-11-12 Andreas Steffenimproved fix
2008-11-12 Andreas Steffenfixed AES-CCM/GCM authenticated encryption by eliminati...
2008-11-11 Martin Willifixed compiler warnings issued by:
2008-11-11 Martin Willi#defing out compress algs to avoid compiler warning
2008-11-11 Martin Williupdated method signature of add_policy
2008-11-11 Martin Willifixed compilation of medcli plugin
2008-11-11 Martin Williadded missing include for ULONG_MAX
2008-11-11 Tobias Brunnerannouncing the kernel plugins
2008-11-11 Tobias Brunnerfixing mediation extension
2008-11-11 Tobias Brunnersome typos
2008-11-11 Martin Williadded some NEWS for 4.2.9
2008-11-11 Martin Willidynamic logging configuration through strongswan.conf
2008-11-11 Martin Willifixed compiler warning
2008-11-11 Tobias Brunnerfixing a memory leak
2008-11-11 Tobias Brunnermerging kernel_klips plugin back into trunk
2008-11-11 Andreas Steffenrenamed proxy to proxy_mode in stroke_msg.h
2008-11-11 Andreas Steffendeleted obsolete parameter descriptions
2008-11-11 Andreas Steffenpreliminary support of Mobile IPv6
2008-11-11 Andreas Steffenadded the MIPv6 options use_proxy_mode and install_policy
2008-11-11 Andreas Steffencosmetics in debug output
2008-11-10 Martin Williwhitelisting localtime_r
2008-11-10 Martin Willimake load_tester more strict to use it along stroke
2008-11-10 Martin Willifixed leak in host_create_from_string("%any")
2008-11-10 Martin Willifixed some minor issues found when using -DFORTIFY_SOURCE=2
2008-11-10 Martin Williiterations = 0 for infinite iterations