2018-09-12 Tobias Brunnerbotan: Encode curve OID and public key in EC private key
2018-09-12 Tobias Brunnerpkcs1: Accept EC private keys without public key but...
2018-09-12 Tobias Brunnerbotan: Fixes, code style changes plus some refactorings
2018-09-12 René Korthausbotan: Add MD5 support to Botan hasher
2018-09-12 René Korthausunit-tests: Remove 768 bits RSA gen test
2018-09-12 René Korthausbotan: Add Botan plugin to libstrongswan
2018-09-12 Tobias Brunnerdumm: Remove the Dynamic UML Mesh Modeler framework
2018-09-12 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Properly set log file path
2018-09-12 Tobias Brunnerconf: Document new filelog configuration
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnerlibrary: Return FALSE from library_init() if loaded...
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnersettings: Don't allow dots in section/key names anymore
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnerike-auth: Remove unnecessary case statement
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnervici: Remove unreachable code
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnervici: Lease enumerator is always defined
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnerstroke: Lease enumerator is always defined
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnersmp: Remove unreachable initializer
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnereap-sim-pcsc: Fix leak in error case
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnertravis: Add sonarcloud build
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnertravis: Automatically retry install steps
2018-09-11 Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Allow passing a custom config file for each...
2018-09-10 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ikev2-ppk'
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnertesting: Add some PPK scenarios
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Report the use of a PPK in --list-sas
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnervici: Return PPK state of an IKE_SA
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerikev2: Mark IKE_SAs that used PPK during authentication
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnereap-authenticator: Add support for authentication with PPK
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerpubkey-authenticator: Add support for authentication...
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerpsk-authenticator: Add support for authentication with PPK
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerike-auth: Add basic PPK support
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerike-auth: Replace `== NULL` with `!`
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerauthenticator: Add optional method to set PPK
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerike-init: Send USE_PPK notify as appropriate
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Report PPK configuration in --list-conns
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnervici: Make PPK related options configurable
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerpeer-cfg: Add properties for PPK ID and whether PPK...
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerike-sa: Add flag for PPK extension
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerkeymat_v2: Add support for PPKs
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Add support for PPKs
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnervici: Add support for PPKs
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnershared-key: Add a new type for Postquantum Preshared...
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerikev2: Add notify types for Postquantum Preshared Keys
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Add tests for peer_cfg_t::replace_child_cfgs()
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerpeer-cfg: Replace equal child configs with newly added...
2018-09-04 Andreas Steffencrypto: References to RFCs 8410 and 8420
2018-09-03 Tobias BrunnerNormalize whitespace in boilerplate files
2018-09-03 Tobias BrunnerREADME: Fix indentation
2018-08-31 Martin Williinit: Reload configurations/credentials as well during...
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Add --reauth option to --rekey command
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnervici: Add option to reauthenticae instead of rekey...
2018-08-31 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'xfrm-set-mark'
2018-08-31 Martin Willichild-sa: Use SA matching mark as SA set mark if the...
2018-08-31 Martin Williipsec-types: Restrict the use of %unique and other...
2018-08-31 Martin Willivici: Document kernel requirements for set_mark_in...
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnervici: Make in-/outbound marks the SA should set configu...
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnerchild-sa: Configure in-/outbound mark the SA should set
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnerchild-cfg: Add properties for in-/outbound mark the...
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnerkernel-netlink: Add support for setting mark/mask an...
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnerkernel-netlink: Use larger buffer for event messages
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnerikev1: Increase DPD sequence number only after receivin...
2018-08-31 Tobias BrunnerRemove ITA references
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnerikev1: Signal IKE_SA connection failure via bus
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunneraggressive-mode: Trigger alerts for authentication...
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnermain-mode: Local identity is always defined
2018-08-31 Tobias Brunnermain-mode: Also trigger a PEER_AUTH_FAILED alert if...
2018-08-31 Thomas Egerermain-mode: Signal local/peer auth failure via bus
2018-08-29 Thomas Egerercustom-logger: Add optional reload method
2018-08-29 Tobias Brunnerike-sa-manager: Log message when scheduling delete...
2018-08-29 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ip-header-fields'
2018-08-29 Tobias Brunnerkernel: Add option to control DS field behavior
2018-08-29 Tobias Brunnerkernel: Add options to control DF and ECN header bits...
2018-08-29 Tobias Brunnervici: Add error handling to message parsing in Perl...
2018-08-29 Afschin Hormozdiaryvici: Improve message parsing performance in Perl bindings
2018-08-23 Thomas Egererkernel-netlink: Align concatenated Netlink responses
2018-08-10 Tobias Brunnerlibimcv: Fix
2018-08-10 Vishal Ranalibtpmtss: Fixed
2018-08-06 Tom SchlenkhoffREADME: Fix typos
2018-08-06 Tobias Brunnertravis: Fix vici Python tests when using Clang
2018-08-02 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.7.0dr8 5.7.0dr8
2018-08-02 Andreas SteffenMerge branch 'swima-subscriptions'
2018-08-01 Andreas Steffentnccs-20: Defer handshake retry when sending SRETRY...
2018-08-01 Andreas Steffenlibimcv: Reset of IMC state for new measurement cycle
2018-08-01 Andreas Steffenlibimcv: Reset of IMV state for new measurement cycle
2018-07-30 Andreas Steffenimv-swima: Support subscriptions
2018-07-29 Andreas Steffenimc-swima: Support subscriptions
2018-07-24 Andreas Steffenlibimcv: Missing comma in pa_tnc_error_code_names
2018-07-21 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.7.0dr6 5.7.0dr6
2018-07-20 Andreas Steffenlibtpmss: Configure TCTI device options
2018-07-19 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.7.0dr5 5.7.0dr5
2018-07-19 Andreas Steffenlibimcv: Added Debian 8.11 and Ubunut 18.04 to IMV...
2018-07-19 Andreas Steffenlibtpmtss: Support of RSAPSS signature scheme
2018-07-19 Andreas Steffenlibtpmtss: Support for TSS2 v2 libraries
2018-07-11 Tobias Brunnertesting: Optionally build/install strongSwan only on...
2018-07-09 Tobias Brunnerconf: Fix bench_time documentation
2018-07-09 Tobias Brunnermessage: Report the size of the complete reassembled...
2018-07-09 Tobias Brunnerencrypted-payload: Change how the length for reassemble...
2018-07-09 Tobias Brunnerencrypted-payload: Add getter for the used AEAD transform
2018-07-09 Tobias Brunnertesting: Fix checks after changing fragmentation log...
2018-07-09 SC Leecharon-nm: Parse any type of private key in need_secrets
2018-07-06 Tobias Brunnerkernel-pfkey: Add support for native ChaCha20/Poly1305...
2018-07-06 Ruben Tytgatkernel-pfkey: Enable macOS native AES_GCM_ICV16 support