2020-03-06 Tobias Brunnernm: Update NEWS for next release
2020-03-06 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ikev1-transform-nr'
2020-03-06 Tobias Brunnerikev1: Get and set the lifetimes of the selected propos...
2020-03-06 Tobias Brunnerproposal-substructure: Start numbering IKEv1 proposals...
2020-03-06 Tobias Brunnerproposal-substructure: Encode transform number of selec...
2020-03-06 Tobias Brunnerproposal-substructure: Store transform number for IKEv1...
2020-03-06 Tobias Brunnerproposal: Add IKEv1 transform number on which a proposa...
2020-03-06 Tobias Brunnerlibtls: Remove unused variable in TLS socket implementation
2020-03-04 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.8.3dr1
2020-03-04 Tobias Brunnerscript: Fix upper bounds
2020-03-03 Tobias Brunnerpubkey-speed: Add sanity check for the number of rounds
2020-03-03 Tobias Brunnercrypt-burn: Add sanity check for buffer length
2020-02-28 Tobias Brunnerconfigure: Make sure Python is available for static...
2020-02-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Enable caching for sonarcloud scan
2020-02-21 Tobias Brunnerike: Don't reestablish IKE_SAs for which a deletion...
2020-02-21 Tobias BrunnerRemove obsolete packages directory
2020-02-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Bump tpm2-tss to 2.3.3
2020-02-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Remove deprecated `sudo` option, set default OS
2020-02-21 Tobias Brunnercharon-nm: Use better default directory for D-Bus polic...
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnertravis: Add build tests for NM plugin
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Ignore generated POT file
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Only check PSK length if one is actually stored
2020-02-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge commit 'nm-client-id'
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Make local identity configurable
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnercharon-nm: Add support for custom local IKE identities
2020-02-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'nm-reauth'
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnercharon-nm: Keep listener registered even on failures
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnercharon-nm: Support reauthentication and redirection
2020-02-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'nm-eap-tls'
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Make EAP-TLS configurable
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnercharon-nm: Add support for EAP-TLS
2020-02-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'nm-server-port'
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Make server port configurable in GUI
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnercharon-nm: Add support for custom server ports
2020-02-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'nm-remote-id'
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Update German translation
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Make remote identity editable in GUI
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnercharon-nm: Add support for a specific remote identity
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Add hint regarding password storage policy
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Replace the term "gateway" with "server"
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnernm: Update Glade file for GTK 3.0
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnerconfigure: Depend on libip4tc instead of libiptc
2020-02-13 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Increase timeout for test vectors suite
2020-02-13 Tobias BrunnerRevert "travis: Add workaround for a tox/virtualenv...
2020-02-13 Tobias Brunnerenumerator: Fall back to lstat() if stat() fails when...
2020-02-13 Tobias Brunnercirrus: Remove bashisms from test script to make it...
2020-02-12 Tobias Brunnertravis: Add workaround for a tox/virtualenv/six issue
2020-02-11 Josh Sorefikev2: Fix spelling of routability
2020-02-11 Josh SorefSpelling fixes
2020-02-10 Tobias Brunnerpem: Support parsing PEM-encoded Ed448 keys
2020-02-10 Tobias Brunnerpki: Add support for Ed448 keys/certificates
2020-02-10 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Support certificates with Ed25519/448 keys
2020-02-10 Tobias Brunnerpkcs1: Support parsing Ed448 public keys
2020-02-05 Tobias Brunnernm: Replace deprecated g_type_class_add_private()
2020-02-05 Tobias Brunnersoup: Use soup_session_new() to avoid deprecation warning
2020-02-05 Tobias Brunnertravis: Build soup plugin
2020-02-03 Tobias Brunnervici: Options are optional in get_pools() of Python...
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnerlibtpmtss: Fix problematic usage of chunk_from_chars...
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnerx509: Replace problematic calls of chunk_from_chars...
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnerpki: Remove unnecessary and problematic chunk_from_char...
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Fix usage of chunk_from_chars()
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnerlgtm: Build external dependencies for a more complete...
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnerwolfssl: Use pkg-config to check for wolfSSL
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnerlibtpmtss: Only check for legacy TSS2 libs if newer...
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnertravis: tpm2-tss switched the default crypto backend...
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnertravis: Trigger code review on
2020-01-29 Tobias Brunnerconf: Complete ordering functions for ConfigOption...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerpkcs11: Avoid naming conflict with method parameter
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnersystime-fix: Replace asctime() with thread-safe asctime_r()
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerload-tester: Avoid naming conflict with local certifica...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnersw-collector: Avoid naming conflicts with local count...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnereap-aka-3gpp2: Fix a bunch of typos
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnereap-aka-3gpp2: Avoid naming conflict with parameters...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnereap-aka-3gpp2: Avoid naming conflict with local AMF...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerpool: Avoid conflict with start/end variables used...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunneraesni: Namespace include guard for AES-CMAC
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnertls-prf: Remove unused/undeclared argument in TLS 1...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerpki: Avoid naming conflict with global variables for...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerscepclient: Avoid name conflict with global PKCS#7...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerstarter: Avoid hiding global variable when checking...
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnercopyright: Make strings static const
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerplugin-constructors: Remove unused import for `sys`
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnervici: Remove unused import in Python bindings
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnervici: Remove unnecessary `pass` statement
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerarray: Avoid overflow in size calculation
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Add missing header guards for load commands
2020-01-28 Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Add missing `extern` for `swanctl_dir` variabl...
2020-01-27 Tobias Brunnerlgtm: Add query to detect problematic uses of chunk_fro...
2020-01-27 Tobias Brunnerlgtm: Add config for a more complete build on
2020-01-22 Tobias Brunnertravis: Build on ARM64, IBM Power and IBM Z architectures
2020-01-20 Tobias Brunnersha3: Fix readLane() macro on big-endian platforms
2020-01-16 Tobias BrunnerUse Botan 2.13.0 for tests
2020-01-15 Tobias Brunnerscepclient: Add missing short options (-i, -T)
2020-01-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'vici-pytest'
2020-01-14 Tobias Brunnervici: Move Python test dir and include it in sdist
2020-01-14 Tobias Brunnertravis: Run python tests with tox
2020-01-14 Tobias Brunnervici: Run Python tests via tox if available
2020-01-14 Tobias Brunnervici: Fix several PEP8 issues
2020-01-14 Tobias Brunnervici: Add tox.ini to run tests with tox
2020-01-14 Tobias Brunnervici: List newer Python versions in