2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Add method to update application traffic...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-hkdf: Support updating client/server traffic secrets
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-socket: Don't fail reading if sending data failed
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Correctly handle classic ECDH key-share format
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-test: Add options to configure TLS versions
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-socket: Allow configuring both minimum and maximum...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls: Allow setting both minimum and maximum TLS versions
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Handle HelloRetryRequest
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Add method to hash handshake data and use...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Destroy HKDF instance if keys are derived...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Refactor writing of extensions and use less...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Refactor sending/processing finished message
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Simply ignore certificate request context
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Use existing code to verify certificate and...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Refactor parsing of TLS extensions
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Fix parsing of encrypted extensions
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Fix parsing of intermediate CA certificates
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Rename methods to calculate finished message
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Use internal PRF of tls-hkdf to generate...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-hkdf: Add helper method to allocate data from the...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-hkdf: Cleanups and refactorings
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Simplify signature creation/verification
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Simplify handshake/application key derivati...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-hkdf: Make labels enum a proper type
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-peer: Support x25519/448 for TLS 1.2
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Enumerate x25519/448 and rename constant...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Simplify hash algorithm handling
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Delay instantiation of cipher suites
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Filter TLS cipher suites by min/max version
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Correctly filter cipher suites based on...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-crypto: Use correct key length for ChaCha20/Poly1305
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnerlibtls: Some code style fixes
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-test: Make address family configurable and simplify...
2021-02-12 bytinbitlibtls: Implement TLS 1.3 handshake on client-side
2021-02-12 Pascal Klibtls: Implement HKDF for TLS 1.3
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnerlibtls: Add support to run unit tests with a custom...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnerlibtls: Add TLS 1.3 implementation of tls_aead_t
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnerlibtls: Allow tls_aead_t to change the content type
2021-02-12 Andreas Steffentesting: extended sleep time tkm/xfrmproxy tests 5.9.2dr2
2021-02-12 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.9.2dr2
2021-02-11 Tobias Brunnertesting: Copy /etc/resolv.conf from host in chroot...
2021-02-11 Tobias Brunnerappveyor: Set timezone on the build system
2021-02-11 Tobias Brunnerappveyor: Create dummy strongswan.conf file to avoid...
2021-02-11 Tobias Brunnerappveyor: Print OpenSSL version
2021-02-11 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Allocate our own buffer for i2d_* wrapper...
2021-02-11 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Reset HMAC key if chunk_empty is passed
2021-02-04 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Explicitly apply DNS servers to the TUN device
2021-02-04 Tobias Brunnerswanctl: Don't print status message if nothing was...
2021-02-04 Thomas Egererplugin-loader: Add optional filter for plugin features
2021-02-03 Tobias Brunnerpath: Also accept / as directory separator on Windows
2021-02-03 Tobias Brunnerenumerator: Implement globbing enumerator on Windows
2021-01-27 Tobias Brunnervici: Fix refcount for CA certificates when reloading...
2021-01-27 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Fix potential crash with ECDH on Windows
2021-01-27 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Avoid conflicts with wincrypt.h on Windows
2021-01-27 Tobias Brunnerappveyor: Also build against newer OpenSSL versions
2021-01-27 Michał SkalskiEnable Windows CI build of pkcs11 plugin
2021-01-25 Michał Skalskipkcs11: Fix build on Windows
2021-01-22 Tobias Brunnergithub: Enable farp plugin on macOS
2021-01-22 Tobias Brunnercirrus: Build farp plugin on FreeBSD
2021-01-22 Dan Jamesfarp: Add support for macOS and FreeBSD
2021-01-20 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'openssl-ecp'
2021-01-20 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Mainly use EVP interface for ECDH
2021-01-20 Tobias Brunneropenssl: Extract helper function to derive a shared...
2021-01-20 Tobias BrunnerRemove the ecp_x_coordinate_only option
2021-01-20 Mahantesh Salimathopenssl: Use ECDH_compute_key() for 'x-coordinate only...
2021-01-19 Tobias BrunnerRevert "nm: Remove dummy TUN device"
2021-01-18 Tobias Brunnerload-tester: Correctly encode serial of generated clien...
2021-01-18 Коренберг Маркidentification: Change abbreviation for surname/serialN...
2021-01-18 Tobias Brunnervici: Decode error messages in Python bindings
2021-01-18 Tobias Brunnermem-pool: Be less strict when reassigning existing...
2021-01-18 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ike-update-event'
2021-01-18 Tobias Brunnervici: Expose ike-update event
2021-01-18 Tobias Brunnerike-mobike: Use ike_sa_t::update_hosts() to trigger...
2021-01-18 Tobias Brunnerike-sa: Add flags to force updating hosts/CHILD_SAs
2021-01-18 Tobias Brunnerbus: Change ike_update() signature and only call it...
2021-01-11 Tobias Brunnertesting: Add scenarios that use a CA with two intermedi...
2021-01-11 Tobias Brunnercharon-tkm: Don't use starter/stroke with charon-tkm...
2021-01-08 Tobias Brunnercharon-tkm: Deinitialize IKE tkm-rpc client
2021-01-08 Tobias Brunnercharon-tkm: Remove -gnat05 option not supported by...
2021-01-08 Adrian-Ken... charon-tkm: Reverse cert chain processing order
2021-01-08 Adrian-Ken... testing: Use latest TKM RPC library
2021-01-08 Adrian-Ken... testing: Use multi-CA aware TKM
2021-01-08 Adrian-Ken... testing: Add CA ID mappings to TKM tests
2021-01-08 Adrian-Ken... charon-tkm: Add support for multiple CAs
2021-01-08 Adrian-Ken... charon-tkm: Register TKM cred encoder before init
2021-01-08 Adrian-Ken... testing: Switch to https for codelabs recipes
2021-01-08 Tobias Brunnertesting: Explicitly encode backing image format in... 5.9.2dr1
2021-01-08 Andreas SteffenVersion bump to 5.9.2dr1
2021-01-08 Andreas Steffenimc_attestation: Fixed double free of tpm_version_info...
2021-01-08 Andreas Steffentpm: Intel FW TPM always uses locality 0
2021-01-08 Andreas Steffenlibimcv: Support symlinks introduced by usrmerge
2021-01-08 Andreas Steffenlibimcv: Evaluate IMA SHA-256 measurements
2021-01-04 Tobias Brunnergithub: Bump wolfSSL to 4.6.0
2021-01-04 Tobias Brunnerwolfssl: Disable ECC curves based on minimum ECC key...
2021-01-04 Tobias Brunnerwolfssl: Correctly enable Brainpool curves
2020-12-24 Andreas Steffenconfigure: Fixed test for imv_swima
2020-12-15 Tobias Brunnercirrus: Build against tpm2-tss on FreeBSD
2020-12-15 Tobias BrunnerIgnore verbose parser generator output file more generally
2020-12-15 Tobias BrunnerReplace two deprecated parser generator directives
2020-12-15 Tobias Brunnergithub: Prevent duplicate CI runs