2009-07-06 Martin Willicentralized ID type specific method assignement in...
2009-07-06 Martin Williremoved obsolete init_rdn()/get_next_rdn() functions
2009-07-06 Martin Willireimplemented dnota() using RDN enumerator
2009-07-06 Martin Williadded a chunk_printable() function (replaces sanitize_c...
2009-07-06 Martin Willireplaced {same,match}_dn() by compare_dn(), using the...
2009-07-06 Martin Willifixed memleak if RND parsing fails
2009-07-06 Martin Williadded unit test for identification_t.matches()
2009-07-06 Martin Williadded unit test for identification_t.equals()
2009-07-06 Martin Willicontains_wildcard() for DNs uses RDN enumerator
2009-07-06 Martin Williadded unit test for identification_t.contains_wildcard()
2009-07-06 Martin Willisimplified identification_t.clone() using memcpy
2009-07-06 Martin Williuse an enumerator to parse RDNs, based on asn1_unwrap...
2009-07-06 Martin Willimake filter enumerator methods static
2009-07-06 Martin Williasn1_unwrap() function to parse ASN.1 objects with...
2009-07-06 Andreas Steffenmake ecp_x_coordinate_only = yes the default
2009-07-06 Andreas Steffenecp_x_coordinate only option allows ECP interoperabilit...
2009-07-04 Andreas Steffensupport of OpenPGP V4 fingerprints
2009-07-04 Andreas Steffencorrected comment
2009-07-03 Martin Willilisten for CHILD_SA state changes only until it has...
2009-07-03 Andreas Steffenupdated copyright statement
2009-07-03 Martin Williadded additional sanity checks to asn1_length() parsing
2009-07-03 Martin Williadded -avoid-version to LDFLAGS, plugins are not versioned
2009-07-02 Martin Willidefer MOBIKE update if we have no route to the peer
2009-07-02 Martin Willido not abort notifying listeners if a listener unregisters
2009-07-01 Martin Williadded mconsole exec patch based on 2.6.30
2009-07-01 Martin Williadded mconsole exec patch based on 2.6.29
2009-06-30 Martin Willisignal tunnel breakage to NetworkManager
2009-06-30 Martin Willirestarting dbus is insufficient, restart network-manage...
2009-06-30 Martin Willienforce correct RSA signature lenght in gcrypt
2009-06-23 Andreas Steffenadded missing header files
2009-06-22 Martin Willihandle --disable-pluto/charon with --enable-integrity...
2009-06-22 Martin Willideinit() library if integrity check fails
2009-06-22 Martin Willibuild and verify on disk file integrity of pluto and...
2009-06-22 Martin Williremoved functions from faked symbol list, not needed...
2009-06-22 Martin Williindicate use if integrity testing at startup
2009-06-22 Martin Willimoved checksum_builder/libchechsum to top srcdir to...
2009-06-22 Martin Willicheck for dladdr() and dl_iterate_phdr() if --enable...
2009-06-22 Martin Willibuild integrity_checker.c only if --enable-integrity...
2009-06-22 Martin Willicheck on-disk and loaded segment integrity of libstrongswan
2009-06-22 Martin Willireduced verbosity of integrity checker
2009-06-22 Martin Williremoved obsolete INTEGRITY_TEST and fips signer code
2009-06-22 Martin Willibuild checksums for charon plugins
2009-06-22 Martin Willilibrary initialization fails if libstrongswan checksum...
2009-06-22 Martin Willichecksum.c depends on all libraries
2009-06-22 Martin Williimplemented a checksum_builder tool to build the checks...
2009-06-22 Martin Williintegrity checker accepts an option checksum library...
2009-06-22 Martin Willicheck integrity of libstrongswan
2009-06-22 Martin Willicheck integrity of plugins before loading
2009-06-22 Martin Williimplemented an integrity checker class to build and...
2009-06-22 Martin Willidist-hook to remove .svn folder not needed anymore
2009-06-22 Martin Williremoved unneeded newline
2009-06-20 Andreas Steffenuse get_proposal_token() for algorithm selection
2009-06-19 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.3.3
2009-06-19 Andreas Steffenauthby=pubkey is now the default authentication 4.3.2
2009-06-19 Martin Willifixed another 64bit compiler warning
2009-06-19 Martin Willifixed compiler warning
2009-06-19 Martin Willireverted rule_count back to size_t, as it is passed...
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenadded info about two DoS fixes
2009-06-18 Andreas SteffenHASH_MD2 is not implemented yet in gcrypt
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenadded test vector for NULL encryption
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenadded test vector for NULL encryption
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenadded md2 and md4 test vectors
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenadded 2 des test vectors
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenadded gcrypt-ikev2/alg-camellia scenario
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenremoved serpent and twofish plugins - use gcrypt instead
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenmoved alg-serpent and alg-twofish scenarios to gcrypt...
2009-06-18 Andreas Steffenfixed typo
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenremoved superfluous print argument
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenadded 2 RC5 test vectors
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenadded 2 IDEA test vectors
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenadded 6 serpent test vectors
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenadded 3 Twofish test vectors
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenadded one CAST-128 test vector
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffencorrected ASN.1 encoding of OID node
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenadded Camellia encryption support to scepclient
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenadded 6 Camellia test vectors
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenadded 6 Camellia test vectors
2009-06-17 Martin Willidouble check that parsing a list consumes all bytes
2009-06-17 Martin Williuse signed lengths in parser and generator
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenconversion from CAMELLIA OIDs to encryption_algorithm
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenfixed tabs
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenadded camellia-cbc OIDs
2009-06-17 Andreas Steffenfixed 64 bit warning
2009-06-17 Martin Willifixed copy/paste error in attribute type parsing
2009-06-16 Andreas Steffenadded 2 3DES-CBC and 3 AES-CBC test vectors
2009-06-16 Andreas Steffensome more scenario adaptations
2009-06-16 Andreas Steffentest-vector support in rw-cert scenarios
2009-06-16 Andreas Steffenadded two gcrypt scenarios
2009-06-16 Andreas Steffen--enable-test-vectors and --enable-gcrypt in UML scenarios
2009-06-16 Andreas Steffenmoved ike_alg descriptions to crypto.c
2009-06-16 Martin Williuse rwlock instead of a mutex in trap_manager, avoids...
2009-06-16 Martin Williload trap_manager before plugins, allowing them to...
2009-06-16 Martin Willireset IKE_SA on bus after checkout/checkin of replaceme...
2009-06-16 Martin Williinstanciate first registered kernel interface immediately
2009-06-16 Andreas Steffenreformatted crypto_test output
2009-06-16 Martin Willicalculating plugin dependencies for eap-sim/aka
2009-06-16 Martin Willipluto does not depend on gmp anymore
2009-06-16 Martin Willisupport older gcrypt libraries not defining the CAMELLI...
2009-06-16 Martin Willifixed compiler warning
2009-06-16 Martin Williload hmac/xcbc plugins after hash/crypter plugins to...