testing: Remove nearly all sleep calls from pretest and posttest scripts
[strongswan.git] / testing / tests / swanctl /
2015-08-25 Andreas SteffenAdded some spaces in swanctl.conf
2015-07-22 Andreas Steffentesting: Updated all swanctl scenarios and added some...
2015-07-21 Andreas Steffentests: Introduced SWANCTL flag in test.conf
2015-07-21 Andreas Steffentests: fixed evaltest of swanctl/rw-cert scenario
2015-07-21 Andreas Steffentests: fixed description of swanctl ip-pool scenarios
2014-10-03 Tobias Brunnertesting: Wait a bit in swanctl scenarios before interac...
2014-06-18 Andreas SteffenAdded swanctl/net2net-route scenario
2014-06-18 Andreas SteffenAdded swanctl/net2net-start scenario
2014-06-18 Andreas SteffenMinor changes in swanctl scenarios
2014-06-14 Andreas SteffenAdded swanctl/rw-psk-fqdn and swanctl/rw-psk-ipv4 scenarios
2014-06-14 Andreas SteffenSingle-line --raw mode simplifies evaltest of swanctl...
2014-06-11 Andreas SteffenAdded swanctl/ip-pool-db scenario
2014-06-10 Andreas SteffenAdded swanctl/ip-pool scenario
2014-06-10 Andreas SteffenAdded swanctl/rw-cert scenario
2014-06-10 Andreas SteffenDefine default swanctl credentials in hosts directory
2014-06-01 Andreas SteffenFirst swanctl scenario 5.2.0dr5