generated aaa certificate
[strongswan.git] / testing / hosts / winnetou / etc / openssl / index.txt
2010-08-04 Andreas Steffengenerated aaa certificate
2010-04-06 Andreas Steffenprolonged Research and Sales CA certs
2010-02-27 Andreas Steffenrenewed Authorization Authority certificate
2009-11-24 Andreas Steffenrenewed OCSP Signing certificate
2009-08-27 Andreas Steffenrevoked soon-to-expire carol certificate
2009-08-27 Andreas Steffenrenewed expiring strongSwan certicates for UML scenarios
2009-04-14 Martin Willimerged multi-auth branch back into trunk
2007-04-27 Andreas Steffengenerated new winnetou certificate
2007-02-28 Andreas Steffenadded cert with OCSP access info
2006-10-09 Andreas Steffenadded stronger certs for moon, carol, and dave
2006-04-28 Martin Willi- import of strongswan-2.7.0