fixed responder initiated CHILD_SA rekeying when using virtual IPs
[strongswan.git] / testing / do-tests
2007-07-02 Andreas Steffenchanges in uml configuration to allow mobike
2007-06-08 Andreas Steffenadded x as a wildcard for number of tests
2007-05-25 Andreas Steffenfixed html output
2007-05-23 Andreas Steffencecho changes in UML scripts
2007-05-15 Andreas Steffenhierarchical display of tests
2007-04-03 Andreas Steffenadded ip route list and iptables -L
2007-03-15 Andreas Steffenadd daemon.log to web page
2006-09-14 Andreas Steffenfixed path to images directory
2006-07-13 Martin Williadded tcpdumpcount function from NATT guys
2006-07-03 Andreas Steffenintroduced subdirectory structure
2006-06-12 Andreas Steffensingle tests now start up faster
2006-06-06 Andreas Steffencreated IPv6 environment
2006-05-04 Martin Willi- applied patch from andreas
2006-04-28 Martin Willi- import of strongswan-2.7.0