unset RADIUSHOSTS after before loading new scenario
[strongswan.git] / testing / do-tests.in
2010-12-27 Andreas Steffenunset RADIUSHOSTS after before loading new scenario
2010-10-14 Tobias Brunnertesting: Reduce testing runtime by reusing SSH sessions.
2010-09-02 Andreas Steffendisplay configuration and log of FreeRadius servers
2010-04-05 Andreas Steffenfarp scenario requires logging of arp packets
2010-02-04 Andreas Steffenremove any charon.pid files remaining at the end of...
2010-02-03 Andreas SteffenIPSEC_ROUTING_TABLE is now called routing_table
2010-02-03 Andreas Steffendifferentiate between executed and displayed iptables...
2009-09-07 Martin WilliUse macros to define --with options
2009-04-30 Tobias Brunnerremoving svn keyword $Id$ from all files
2008-06-26 Andreas Steffenuse ip xfrm with the detailed -s option
2008-05-13 Andreas Steffendo-test always downloads ipsec.sql
2008-04-19 Andreas Steffenfixed iptables/ip6tables switch
2008-04-14 Andreas Steffenuse ip6tables in sql/rw-psk-ipv6 scenario
2008-04-07 Andreas Steffenfixed path to ipsec.sql
2008-04-07 Andreas Steffenipsec.sql remains in /etc/ipsec.d
2008-04-07 Andreas Steffenmoved strongswan.conf to /etc
2008-04-07 Andreas Steffendo-tests now lists strongswan.conf and ip xfrm policy...
2008-04-06 Andreas Steffensupport of SQL databases in UML scenarios
2007-11-07 Andreas Steffendo-tests script applies ip6tables in ipv6 subdir
2007-10-08 Andreas Steffenadded RCSID
2007-08-28 Andreas Steffentesting/do-tests is made from do-tests.in by inserting...