stroke: Usage output updated.
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2011-05-16 Tobias Brunnerstroke: Usage output updated.
2011-05-16 Tobias BrunnerUpdate working thread count without allocation.
2011-05-16 Tobias BrunnerMake sure working thread count is correctly updated
2011-05-16 Martin WilliMigrated controller_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-05-16 Martin WilliProvide get_priority() method in controller jobs
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a load tester strongswan.conf option to throttle...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliMigrated load_tester_listern to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded strongswan.conf option to override half open...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliUse CRITICAL job priority class for long running dispat...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliIntroduce a highest priority job for critical thread...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliShow total and half-open SA count in statusall
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a get_count() method to IKE_SA manager
2011-05-16 Martin WilliFixed identiation in private_ike_sa_manager
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a callback_job constructor supporting custom...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a DPD option for load-tester
2011-05-16 Martin WilliDon't simulate traffic on load-tester kernel interface
2011-05-16 Martin WilliShow how many threads are active in each class in statusall
2011-05-16 Martin WilliCount number of threads active in each class, and reser...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a statusallnb stroke command to show status non...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded init_limit_half_open and a init_limit_job_load...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded preshared_key/eap_password load_tester options...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded initiator/responder_id load tester options to...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliMigrated load_tester_config to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-05-16 Martin WilliMigrated load_tester_creds to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-05-16 Martin WilliFix load tester shared key enumerator, provide dedicate...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a non-blocking, skipping variant of IKE_SA enumerator
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a job_threshold option to drop IKE_SA_INITs if...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliUse high priority for retransmit/dpd/keepalive jobs
2011-05-16 Martin WilliUse job priorities in process_message job based on...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliReserve threads for job priority classes based on stron...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded job priority enum names
2011-05-16 Martin WilliProcessor job scheduling respects job priority classes
2011-05-16 Martin WilliIntroduce priority classes for jobs
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a stroke memusage command to show memory usage
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a leak detective method to report current memory...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliMake leak detective public
2011-05-16 Martin WilliMigrated leak_detective to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a frame enumerator to backtrace_t
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded an equals function to backtrace_t
2011-05-16 Martin WilliMigrated backtrace_t to METHOD macro
2011-05-14 Andreas Steffenfixed whitelist enabling
2011-05-14 Andreas Steffendo not call recommendations if recs does not exist
2011-05-14 Andreas SteffenRestrict IMCs and IMVs to call SendMessage()
2011-05-13 Tobias BrunnerDon't compile login() in openssl_rsa_private_key_t...
2011-05-13 Tobias Brunnerfetcher.c added to
2011-05-12 Martin WilliDisable whitelist plugin by default
2011-05-12 Duncan SalernoProtect the communication with the SIM card during...
2011-05-11 Andreas Steffenprotection against insane IMCs and IMVs
2011-05-11 Martin WilliDo not use deprecated vte_terminal_fork_command()
2011-05-10 Tobias BrunnerReturn correct status code in kernel_netlink_ipsec_t...
2011-05-10 Tobias Brunnerchunk_clear not clear_chunk.
2011-05-10 Thomas Egererpluto: Securely wipe quick mode keys from memory.
2011-05-10 Thomas Egererpluto: Securely wipe sensitive data from memory.
2011-05-10 Andreas Steffenterminate imc/imv that couldn't be initialized properly
2011-05-09 Andreas Steffenlock the set_message_types() method for imvs
2011-05-09 Andreas Steffencosmetics
2011-05-09 Martin WilliWipe memory after using key material (incomplete, to...
2011-05-09 Martin WilliUse memwipe() in chunk_clear()
2011-05-09 Martin WilliAdded a memwipe() function to safely overwrite sensitiv...
2011-05-08 Andreas Steffenfixed debug output
2011-05-08 Andreas Steffenadapted state_machine for retry batches
2011-05-07 Andreas Steffenlock the set_message_types() method
2011-05-07 Andreas Steffenadded missing comma
2011-05-06 Andreas Steffenrefactored tnccs->remove_connection()
2011-05-06 Andreas Steffenid of non-registered threads defaults to 0
2011-05-05 Martin WilliMigrated scheduler_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-05-05 Martin WilliMigrated callback_job to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-05-05 Martin WilliMigrated processor to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-05-03 Martin WilliFix algorithm type for signers, fixes warning with...
2011-05-03 Tobias BrunnerCache group name in sys_logger_t to avoid problems...
2011-05-03 Tobias BrunnerMigrated sys_logger_t to INIT/METHOD macros.
2011-05-03 Tobias BrunnerMigrated file_logger_t to INIT/METHOD macros.
2011-05-02 Tobias BrunnerRemoved superfluous parameter missed in e5e5bcc92f.
2011-05-02 Martin WilliFix a potential memleak if two threads fingerprint...
2011-05-02 Martin WilliAccept name fields in EAP-MD5 messages
2011-04-28 Andreas Steffenadded missing tab
2011-04-28 Andreas Steffenadapted debug output
2011-04-28 Andreas Steffendo not send messages of type TNC_VENDORID_ANY or subtye...
2011-04-28 Tobias BrunnerTypo fixed.
2011-04-28 Andreas Steffenlog unsupported IMC_IMV message types
2011-04-27 Andreas Steffenlist registered TNCCS message types
2011-04-27 Tobias BrunnerIKEv2 was only partially the default for connections...
2011-04-26 Tobias BrunnerFixed two typos in kernel-pfroute plugin.
2011-04-26 Andreas Steffenfixed loop error in parsing of OCSP basic responses
2011-04-22 Andreas SteffenMigrated eap_sim_file to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-04-22 Andreas Steffenfixed segmentation fault due to null pointer
2011-04-21 Andreas Steffendebug type is EAP_TLS
2011-04-21 Andreas Steffendo not include length field in non-fragmented EAP-PEAP...
2011-04-21 Andreas SteffenWin 7 accepts compressed EAP Identity request
2011-04-21 Andreas Steffenadded level 3 debug output of forwarded EAP payloads
2011-04-21 Martin WilliResolve and connect to RADIUS servers not before required
2011-04-21 Martin WilliRevert alloc_str changes
2011-04-21 Martin WilliIf key not found, strdup default value, too
2011-04-21 Martin WilliUse thread save settings alloc_str function where appro...
2011-04-21 Martin WilliAdded a thread save, allocating settings get_str varian...
2011-04-20 Martin WilliBe a little more liberal in checking maximum payload...
2011-04-20 Martin WilliAccept IKE_SA_INIT responses without CERTIFICATE_REQUESTs
2011-04-20 Martin WilliCast size_t len arguments to %.*s to int
2011-04-20 Martin WilliRemove superfluous test for peer_cfg on established...
2011-04-20 Martin WilliSynchronize ESN support in HA plugin