Export scheme_to_mechanism conversion function
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2010-08-06 Martin WilliExport scheme_to_mechanism conversion function
2010-08-06 Martin WilliLoad certificate after enumeration
2010-08-06 Jiri Bohacfix error-type range in parsing of NOTIFY payloads
2010-08-06 Andreas Steffenadded TTLS to EAP short names, too
2010-08-05 Andreas Steffenadded EAP_TTLS method
2010-08-05 Martin WilliWhitespace cleanups
2010-08-05 Martin WilliUse certificate subject to get a public key of the...
2010-08-05 Tobias BrunnerSome Doxygen fixes.
2010-08-05 Andreas Steffenadded some more TLS debug output
2010-08-04 Andreas Steffenfixed type in cipher suite list build
2010-08-04 Andreas Steffenlog selected TLS version and cipher suite
2010-08-04 Andreas Steffenlog TLS handshake messages in debug level 2
2010-08-04 Tobias BrunnerFixed loading of secrets with IDs.
2010-08-04 Tobias BrunnerFixed loading of private keys without password.
2010-08-04 Tobias BrunnerAccept EAP_ONLY_AUTHENTICATION notifies from any client...
2010-08-04 Tobias BrunnerIKEv2 notification types updated.
2010-08-04 Martin WilliReimplemented mem pool to support multiple leases for...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliSave/Load state of PKCS#11 hasher
2010-08-04 Martin WilliDo initial slot enumeration manually
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImplemented hasher_t using PKCS#11
2010-08-04 Martin WilliDefer certificate loading until all PKCS#11 modules...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliDestroy IKE_SA Managers crypto primitives during flush...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliProvide a public PKCS#11 mechanism enumerator
2010-08-04 Martin WilliAdded PKCS#11 private key support to the pki tool
2010-08-04 Martin WilliThe pki tool uses a callback credential set to read...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliPass type of requested key in the callback credential set
2010-08-04 Martin WilliSupport PKCS#11 keys requiring reauthentication for...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliDo not try to log in if we already have a user session
2010-08-04 Martin WilliObseleted BUILD_PASSPHRASE(_CALLBACK) for private key...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliUse a dedicated build part for challenge passwords...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliUse credential sets to load smartcard keys
2010-08-04 Martin WilliHandle PIN: as a magic keyword for prompt, use getpass...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImplemented a callback based credential set, currently...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImplemented a generic in-memory credential set, current...
2010-08-04 Martin Willimmap() ipsec.secrets instead malloc(), proper error...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliSplitted up the load_secrets() function
2010-08-04 Martin WilliUpdated ipsec.secrets.5 regarding IKEv2 smartcard support
2010-08-04 Martin Willi%prompt support for smartcard PIN via "ipsec secrets"
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImplemented callback PIN invocation for PKCS#11 login
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImplemented keyid discovery on all modules/slots
2010-08-04 Martin WilliPass the PKCS11 keyid as chunk, not as string
2010-08-04 Martin WilliReuse generic passphrase build part, not a dedicated...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImplemented private key on top of a PKCS#11 token
2010-08-04 Martin WilliExtended the PKCS#11 object enumerator by attribute...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliUse the PKCS#11 object enumerator
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImplemented a generic PKCS#11 object enumerator
2010-08-04 Martin WilliUnload plugins in reverse order
2010-08-04 Martin WilliSupport module names in %smartcard specifier, streamlin...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliAdded enumerator for PKCS#11 tokens
2010-08-04 Martin WilliHandle NOT_SUPPORT return value from WaitForSlot
2010-08-04 Martin WilliReenabled dlclose
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImplemented a credential set on top of a PKCS#11 token
2010-08-04 Martin WilliAdded NSPR PR_CallOnce to leak detective whitelist
2010-08-04 Martin WilliAdded buffer checking variants of syslog functions...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliAdded a token add/remove callback function to the manager
2010-08-04 Martin WilliEnumerate tokens and their mechanisms, wait for slot...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliDepend on libcharon until we have a thread pool to use
2010-08-04 Martin WilliAdd enum names for CK_MECHANISM_TYPE constants
2010-08-04 Martin WilliMake the PKCS#11 padding string trimming public, add...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliAdded a getter for the library alias
2010-08-04 Martin WilliMoved PKCS#11 library loading to dedicated manager
2010-08-04 Martin WilliUse locking, prefer our mutex abstraction layer
2010-08-04 Martin WilliAdded enum names for PKCS#11 return values
2010-08-04 Martin WilliLoad PKCS#11 modules defined in strongswan.conf
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImplemented an abstraction layer for PKCS#11 module...
2010-08-04 Martin WilliImported the free pkcs11.h header form the Scute project
2010-08-04 Martin WilliAdded PKCS#11 token plugin stub
2010-08-03 Tobias Brunnertest_cert adapted to extended signature of get_encoding().
2010-08-03 Tobias BrunnerFixed compiler warnings.
2010-08-03 Martin WilliMoved TLS stack to its own library
2010-08-03 Martin WilliMoved eap-tls plugin to libcharon, updated to 4.4.1...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliImplemented EAP-TLS server functionality
2010-08-03 Martin WilliTLS stack keeps a copy of server/peer identities
2010-08-03 Martin WilliLimit the number of EAP-TLS packets allowed
2010-08-03 Martin WilliUse stricter state handling while processing TLS messages
2010-08-03 Martin WilliCleaned up the public TLS interface
2010-08-03 Martin WilliRefactored common used operations into TLS crypto helper
2010-08-03 Martin WilliProperly send empty EAP-TLS messages
2010-08-03 Martin WilliDerive MSK for EAP-TLS authentication
2010-08-03 Martin WilliVerify Server Finished message
2010-08-03 Martin WilliImplemented input record decryption and verification
2010-08-03 Martin WilliImplemented key derivation, output record signing and...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliDerive master secret, create Finished message
2010-08-03 Martin WilliImplemented the TLS specific PRF in its TLSv1.0 and...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliImplemented sending of Certificate, ClientKeyExchange...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliImplemented a tls_writer class to simplify TLS data...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliImplemented a tls_reader class to simplify TLS data...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliProcess ServerHello(Done), Certificate(Request) messages
2010-08-03 Martin WilliSend a ClientHello to start TLS negotiation
2010-08-03 Martin WilliAdded TLS crypto helper, currently supports cipher...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliAdded support for AUTH_HMAC_SHA2_256_256, used in TLS
2010-08-03 Martin WilliAdded stubs for handshake handling, server and peer...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliAccept follow-up fragments with a TLS message length
2010-08-03 Martin WilliAdded dummy/identity implementations of the different...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliPass TLS records to newly introduced TLS stack
2010-08-03 Martin WilliAdded some TLS constants
2010-08-03 Martin Willi(De-)fragment EAP-TLS packets, pass TLS records to...
2010-08-03 Martin WilliAdded EAP-TLS plugin stub
2010-08-03 Thomas EgererDo not touch child from collision if peer deleted it
2010-08-01 Waldemar Brodkorbsubstitute obsolete function calls(bzero/index)