Added medsrv.fcgi to gitignore
[strongswan.git] / src / stroke / stroke_keywords.h
2009-05-15 Martin Williadded a "purgeike" command to stroke, deleting all...
2009-04-30 Tobias Brunnerremoving svn keyword $Id$ from all files
2008-12-10 Martin Willilist assigned leases using "ipsec leases"
2008-10-08 Andreas Steffenimplemented ipsec listalgs as a stroke command
2008-08-28 Martin Willicrypto_factory algorithm enumeration API
2008-07-01 Andreas Steffenrenamed STROKE_DOWNSRCIP to STROKE_DOWN_SRCIP
2008-07-01 Martin Williadded a "ipsec down-srcip <start> [<end>]" command...
2007-10-08 Andreas Steffenadded RCSID
2007-08-10 Andreas Steffenadded rereadsecrets keyword to stroke
2007-04-14 Andreas Steffenadded listaacerts, listacerts, listgroups, rereadaacert...
2007-02-14 Andreas Steffenadded support of ca information records and ocsp keywords
2006-10-18 Martin Williupdated stroke to allow run-time manipulation of debug...
2006-07-21 Martin Williadded possibility to route CHILD_SAs, without to set...
2006-06-20 Andreas Steffenimplemented rereadcrls rereadcacerts
2006-06-12 Andreas Steffengperf creates optimum hash table for stroke keywords