libtpmtss: Read RSA public key exponent instead of assuming its value
[strongswan.git] / src / libtpmtss / tpm_tss_tss2_v1.c
2019-01-21 krinfelslibtpmtss: Read RSA public key exponent instead of...
2018-10-26 Tobias BrunnerMerge commit 'key-sig-schemes'
2018-10-26 Andreas Steffenlibtpmtss: Generalize AIK keys to signature keys
2018-10-26 Andreas Steffentpm: Check FIPS-140-2 and FIPS-186-4 compliance
2018-10-26 Tobias Brunnerlibtpmtss: Add enumeration of supported signature schem...
2018-10-19 Andreas Steffenlibtpmtss: Fixed inclusion of tcti-tabrmd.h header...
2018-07-19 Andreas Steffenlibtpmtss: Support of RSAPSS signature scheme
2018-07-19 Andreas Steffenlibtpmtss: Support for TSS2 v2 libraries