IKEv1 XAuth: Fix XAuth task so that it reinitiates.
[strongswan.git] / src / libtncif /
2011-10-14 Tobias BrunnerSource files in Android.mk updated.
2011-09-08 Andreas Steffenfixed typo
2011-07-29 Tobias BrunnerBuild libtncif on Android.
2011-07-04 Andreas Steffenadded ITA Scanner IMC/IMV pair which detects open serve...
2011-06-24 Andreas Steffenoutput all known PA-TNC subtype names
2011-06-06 Andreas Steffenseparated tncif_names from standard TCG TNC header...
2011-06-01 Andreas Steffenmake IMC/IMV pairs independent of libcharon