child-delete: Reply as usual when concurrently rekeying the IKE_SA
[strongswan.git] / src / libtnccs / plugins /
2016-03-24 Andreas SteffenUse standard unsigned integer types
2016-02-16 Andreas SteffenFix of the mutual TNC measurement use case
2015-11-09 Tobias Brunnerlibtnccs: Optionally use RTLD_NOW to load IMC/IMVs...
2015-08-15 Andreas SteffenFixed AR identities in mutual TNC measurements case
2015-04-24 Andreas SteffenFixed PB-TNC directionality debug message
2015-04-16 Tobias BrunnerFix years in some copyright statements
2015-03-27 Andreas SteffenAdded tnc/tnccs-20-fail-init and tnc/tnccs-20-fail...
2015-03-27 Andreas SteffenFixed PB-TNC error handling
2015-03-25 Tobias Brunnertnccs-20: Fix error handling in build()
2015-03-25 Tobias Brunnerlibtnccs: Set apidoc category to libtnccs and move...
2015-03-25 Tobias Brunnerlibtnccs: Fix apidoc category for split IF-TNCCS 2...
2015-03-25 Tobias BrunnerFixed some typos, courtesy of codespell
2015-03-23 Andreas SteffenImplemented PB-TNC mutual half-duplex protocol
2015-03-23 Andreas SteffenOptionally announce PB-TNC mutual protocol capability
2015-03-23 Andreas SteffenSplit IF-TNCCS 2.0 protocol processing into separate...
2015-03-08 Andreas SteffenMake access requestor IP address available to TNC server
2014-06-04 Martin WilliMerge branch 'win'
2014-06-04 Martin Willilibnccs: Fix casts between integers and pointers
2014-06-04 Martin Willitnc-imc/imv: Don't include <dlfcn.h> on Windows
2014-06-04 Martin Williplugins: Don't link with -rdynamic on Windows
2014-05-31 Andreas SteffenIncreased maximum PT-TLS message size to 2MB
2014-05-31 Andreas Steffendetermination of maximum PB-TNC batch and PA-TNC messag...
2014-05-16 Martin WilliMerge branch 'clang-fixes'
2014-05-16 Martin Willienum: Return boolean result for enum_from_name() lookup
2014-02-12 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'modular-load'
2014-02-12 Tobias Brunnerlibtnccs: Move settings to <ns>.tnc and <ns>.plugins...
2014-01-23 Martin WilliMerge branch 'chunk-mmap'
2014-01-23 Martin Willitnccs: Use chunk_map() instead of non-portable mmap()
2013-10-31 Andreas SteffenPB-TNC PDP_REFERRAL message doesn't have to be in RESUL...
2013-10-29 Tobias Brunnerlibtnccs: Add dummy entry to pb_tnc_tcg_msg_infos
2013-10-15 Tobias BrunnerDoxygen fixes
2013-10-09 Andreas SteffenKeep a copy of the tnccs instance for PT-TLS handover
2013-09-17 Andreas SteffenImplemented TCG/PB-PDP_Referral message
2013-09-17 Andreas SteffenAllow vendor-specific PB-TNC messages
2013-08-15 Andreas SteffenExtract client identity and authentication type from...
2013-08-15 Andreas Steffenmoved tnc_imv plugin to libtnccs thanks to recommendati...
2013-08-15 Andreas SteffenMoved tnc-tnccs, tnc-imc, tnccs-11, tnccs-20 and tnccs...