Migrated eap_simaka_reauth_provider_t to INIT/METHOD macros.
[strongswan.git] / src / libtls /
2011-09-28 Martin WilliDon't allocate extra memory to MAC the TLS header
2011-09-28 Martin WilliVerify TLS MAC even if padding is invalid to prevent...
2011-08-08 Martin WilliInstall and use libtls as dynamic library, as we have...
2011-07-20 Tobias BrunnerFixed common misspellings.
2011-05-31 Andreas Steffenrenamed tls_reader|writer to bio_* and moved to libstro...
2011-05-31 Andreas Steffenfixed type
2011-05-29 Andreas Steffenraw TLS debug output
2011-04-21 Andreas Steffendebug type is EAP_TLS
2011-04-21 Andreas Steffendo not include length field in non-fragmented EAP-PEAP...
2011-04-21 Martin WilliRevert alloc_str changes
2011-04-21 Martin WilliUse thread save settings alloc_str function where appro...
2011-04-14 Martin WilliContinue without client authentication if no matching...
2011-04-14 Martin WilliIgnore TLS certificate requests as peer if peer authent...
2011-04-14 Martin WilliSend TLS Server Name Indication as peer if server ident...
2011-04-14 Martin WilliFix tls_writer wrap functions
2011-04-14 Andreas Steffenadded TLS renegotiation_info extension
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenadded TLS_PURPOSE_EAP_PEAP
2011-04-05 Andreas Steffenimplemented get|set_identifier() for tls_eap_t
2011-02-07 Tobias BrunnerSome typos fixed.
2011-01-19 Martin WilliIncrease tls_writer buffer by at least 4 bytes
2010-12-18 Andreas Steffencast enumerated algorithm type as int
2010-12-18 Andreas Steffentrace back crypto algorithms to the plugins that regist...
2010-12-05 Andreas Steffenoutput TLS-independent error messages
2010-11-16 Andreas Steffencall is_complete() if tls protocol returns with SUCCESS
2010-10-04 Andreas Steffenset EAP-TTLS/TNC version also in acknowledgement packets
2010-09-09 Martin WilliDo not change cipherspec while we have buffered handsha...
2010-09-09 Andreas Steffenadded explanatory comments
2010-09-08 Andreas Steffenmax max_message_count configurable and move it into...
2010-09-08 Andreas Steffenhandle TLS_PURPOSE_EAP_TNC
2010-09-08 Andreas Steffenmoved tls_t existance test into tls_eap_create() again
2010-09-08 Andreas Steffengeneralized tls_eap_t to support EAP_TNC wrapping the...
2010-09-08 Martin WilliRead the compression type byte for EC groups, only
2010-09-06 Martin WilliInclude ec_point_format extension in ClientHello
2010-09-06 Martin WilliAdded TLS specific EC point formats
2010-09-06 Martin WilliRenamed ecp_format to ansi_format, as point formats...
2010-09-06 Martin WilliAccept TLS records with zero-length plaintext
2010-09-06 Martin WilliAdded strongswan.conf option to filter for specific...
2010-09-06 Martin WilliAdded strongswan.conf options to filter cipher suites...
2010-09-06 Martin WilliFixed key type in TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA
2010-09-06 Martin WilliPrepend point format to ECDH public key
2010-09-06 Martin WilliLog the selected (EC)DH group
2010-09-06 Martin WilliParse unsupported TLS Hello extensions properly
2010-09-06 Martin WilliAdded TLS extension identifiers from RFC 3546
2010-09-03 Martin WilliDo not propose (EC)DHE suites if we do not support...
2010-09-03 Martin WilliOffer only algorithms/suites we have a registered publi...
2010-09-03 Martin WilliFixed key type of ECDHE_RSA groups
2010-09-03 Martin WilliUse a dynamic curve enumerator to list/convert TLS...
2010-09-03 Martin WilliUse ECDH group check where appropriate
2010-09-03 Martin WilliAdd ECDHE enabled cipher suites, including ECDSA variants
2010-09-03 Martin WilliSelect private key based on received cipher suites
2010-09-03 Martin WilliSupport for EC curve Hello extension, EC curve fallback
2010-09-03 Martin WilliAdded server support for ECDHE key exchange
2010-09-03 Martin WilliAdded client support for ECDHE key exchange
2010-09-03 Martin WilliAdded TLS EC curve type and name identifiers
2010-09-03 Andreas Steffenfixed typo
2010-09-03 Martin WilliCheck for queued TLS alerts after each handshake part
2010-09-02 Andreas Steffenremoved redundant debug output
2010-09-02 Martin WilliAdd DHE enabled RSA variants to the supported TLS suites
2010-09-02 Martin WilliAdded TLS server side support for DHE suites
2010-09-02 Martin WilliAdded TLS client side support for DHE suites
2010-09-02 Martin WilliStore a MODP group we use for each TLS suite
2010-09-02 Martin WilliImplemented "signature algorithm" hello extension
2010-09-02 Martin WilliAdded TLS extension identifiers
2010-09-02 Martin WilliAdded generic TLS data sign/verify, hash/sig algorithm...
2010-09-02 Martin WilliContinue with a randomized premaster if decryption...
2010-09-02 Martin WilliSupport different hash/sig algorithms in handshake...
2010-09-02 Martin WilliAdded TLS ClientCertificateType identifiers
2010-09-02 Martin WilliAdded TLS specific Hash and Signature Algorithm identifiers
2010-09-02 Martin WilliFixed typos in tls_writer method descriptions
2010-09-01 Andreas Steffencosmetics in debug output
2010-08-31 Andreas Steffenclarified debug output
2010-08-31 Andreas Steffenfixed typo
2010-08-31 Martin WilliDo not process any more TLS handshake messages on fatal...
2010-08-31 Martin WilliStrictly check if the server certificate matches the...
2010-08-31 Martin WilliAdded strongswan.conf options for EAP-TLS/TTLS fragment...
2010-08-31 Martin WilliSupport processing of partial TLS record headers
2010-08-31 Martin WilliImplemented a generic TLS EAP helper to implement EAP...
2010-08-31 Martin WilliSupport output fragmentation of TLS records
2010-08-31 Martin WilliImplemented buffering of partial records in TLS stack
2010-08-31 Martin WilliLog TLS handshake subtypes as handshakes
2010-08-30 Tobias BrunnerTypo in doxygen comment fixed.
2010-08-25 Martin WilliPrefer AES/Camellia suites over 3DES/NULL encryption
2010-08-25 Martin WilliSend TLS alerts for errors in TLS handshake building
2010-08-25 Martin WilliRefactored fragment building, use correct TLS content...
2010-08-25 Martin WilliAdded a simple high level TLS wrapper for sockets
2010-08-25 Martin WilliInitialize output chunk before appending data to it
2010-08-24 Martin WilliPass NULL peer identity to omit TLS peer authentication...
2010-08-24 Martin WilliSkip the close notify if application layer completes...
2010-08-24 Andreas Steffenremoved some redundant debug output
2010-08-24 Martin WilliAdded generic TLS purposes
2010-08-24 Martin WilliCheck if the application layer has completed successfully
2010-08-24 Martin WilliMoved TLS record parsing/generation to tls.c
2010-08-23 Martin WilliAdded a TLS purpose for EAP-TTLS with client authentication
2010-08-23 Martin WilliImplemented TLS Alert handling
2010-08-23 Martin WilliVerify negotiated TLS version
2010-08-23 Martin WilliIntroducing a dedicated debug message group for libtls
2010-08-23 Martin WilliStreamlined TLS debugging output
2010-08-21 Andreas Steffenfixed build_cipher_suite_list()
2010-08-20 Martin WilliIntroducing simple purposes for the TLS stack, switches...
2010-08-20 Martin WilliAdded more TLS cipher suites we already support