using token enumerator to parser plugin list
[strongswan.git] / src / libstrongswan / plugins / plugin_loader.c
2008-07-02 Martin Williusing token enumerator to parser plugin list
2008-06-25 Martin Willifixed plugin loader destruction
2008-06-24 Martin Willienumerating loaded plugins in "ipsec statusall"
2008-05-20 Andreas Steffenremoved debug statement
2008-05-20 Andreas Steffenfixed whitespace eating in plugin loader
2008-05-16 Martin Willifixed warning if plugin list has trailing whitespaces
2008-05-16 Martin Williloading default modules depending on configure options
2008-05-15 Martin Williplugin load configuration in strongswan.conf
2008-05-13 Martin Willidecreased plugin load verbosity
2008-03-13 Martin Willimerged the modularization branch (credentials) back...