Optimize ntru_poly constructors some more
[strongswan.git] / src / libstrongswan / plugins / ntru / ntru_poly.c
2014-02-27 Andreas SteffenOptimize ntru_poly constructors some more 5.1.2
2014-02-27 Andreas SteffenOptimized initialisation of indices
2014-02-27 Andreas SteffenAdded get_array() method to ntru_poly_t class
2014-02-27 Andreas SteffenDefined ntru_poly_create_from_seed() and ntru_poly_crea...
2014-02-27 Andreas SteffenOptimized use of temporary arrays in polynomial multipl...
2014-02-27 Andreas SteffenImplement ring multiplication method
2014-02-19 Andreas Steffenindex limit can be easily computed
2014-02-18 Andreas SteffenCreated ntru_poly class for sparse trinary polynomials