configure: Enable coverage for all plugins via PLUGIN_CFLAGS
[strongswan.git] / src / libstrongswan / plugins / bliss /
2017-06-20 Tobias Brunnerconfigure: Enable coverage for all plugins via PLUGIN_C...
2016-08-10 Andreas SteffenMerge branch 'newhope'
2016-07-29 Andreas SteffenCreated libnttfft
2016-07-29 Andreas Steffenbliss: Implemented FFT with fast Montgomery arithmetic
2015-03-02 Tobias Brunnerbliss: Add generated Huffman codes to the repository
2014-12-12 Andreas SteffenUse Huffman code in BLISS signature
2014-12-12 Tobias Brunnerbliss: Fix monolithic build
2014-12-09 Andreas SteffenAutomatic generation of optimized Huffman codes
2014-12-09 Andreas Steffenunit-tests: added bliss_sampler test
2014-11-29 Andreas SteffenCreated bliss_bitpacker class to encode BLISS signatures
2014-11-29 Andreas Steffenunit-tests: created bliss_sign test suite
2014-11-29 Andreas SteffenFinished BLISS signature generation
2014-11-29 Andreas SteffenImplemented Gaussian rejection sampler
2014-11-29 Andreas Steffenunit-tests: Added bliss_fft test suite
2014-11-29 Andreas SteffenDefined BLISS I and IV parameter sets
2014-11-29 Andreas SteffenImplemented Number Theoretic Transform using the FFT...
2014-11-29 Andreas SteffenCreated framework for BLISS post-quantum signature...