daemon: Flush shunts before unloading plugins
[strongswan.git] / src / libstrongswan / credentials / cred_encoding.c
2014-03-31 Tobias BrunnerProperly hash pointers for hash tables where appropriate
2012-10-24 Tobias BrunnerMoved data structures to new collections subfolder
2012-03-20 Martin WilliMerge branch 'ikev1-clean' into ikev1-master
2011-11-25 Tobias BrunnerFixed compiler warnings regarding enum comparison.
2011-10-02 Andreas SteffenMigrated cred_encoding to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-05-02 Martin WilliFix a potential memleak if two threads fingerprint...
2010-07-13 Martin WilliRenamed key_encod{ing,der}_t and constants, prepare...
2010-07-13 Martin WilliMoved keys/key_encoding.[ch] to cred_encoding.[ch]