libipsec: Pass separate inbound/update flags to the IPsec SA manager
[strongswan.git] / src / libipsec / ipsec_sa_mgr.c
2015-03-09 Martin Willilibipsec: Pass separate inbound/update flags to the...
2015-02-20 Martin WilliMerge branch 'reqid-alloc'
2015-02-20 Martin Willilibipsec: Remove unused src/dst_ts parameters from...
2015-02-19 Martin Willilibipsec: Remove unused reqid parameter from ipsec_sa_m...
2013-10-11 Martin WilliMerge branch 'libipsec-usestats'
2013-10-11 Martin Willilibipsec: Enforce byte/packet lifetimes on SAs
2013-10-11 Martin Willilibipsec: Support usage statistics and query_sa() on...
2013-07-01 Tobias Brunnerlibipsec: Properly handle expiration if no lifetime...
2013-06-11 Martin Willikernel-interface: add an exchange initiator parameter...
2012-10-24 Tobias BrunnerMoved debug.[ch] to utils folder
2012-10-24 Tobias BrunnerMoved data structures to new collections subfolder
2012-10-18 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'android-mobility'
2012-10-16 Tobias BrunnerUse pointers for lookups in IPsec SA manager
2012-10-16 Tobias BrunnerIPsec SA manager implements update_sa()
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'android-app'
2012-08-08 Tobias BrunnerImplemented a checkout/checkin mechanism for IPsec SAs
2012-08-08 Tobias BrunnerSchedule and relay expiration events for created IPsec SAs
2012-08-08 Tobias BrunnerAdded IPsec SA manager