gitignore: Add nbproject/
[strongswan.git] / src / libcharon / tests / libcharon_tests.h
2018-09-10 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Add tests for peer_cfg_t::replace_child_cfgs()
2017-11-28 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'android-proposals'
2017-11-17 Tobias Brunnerproposal: Move proposal_t from libcharon to libstrongswan
2016-06-17 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'exchange-collisions'
2016-06-17 Tobias Brunnerproposal: Handle MODP_NONE in both directions when...
2016-06-17 Tobias Brunnerunit-tests: Add mock sender_t implementation for unit...
2015-07-27 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'remote-host-family'
2015-07-27 Tobias Brunnerike-cfg: Add unit tests for ike_cfg_get_family() helper
2015-07-12 Martin WilliMerge branch 'chapoly'
2015-07-12 Martin Williunit-tests: Add a IKEv2 message encryption test case
2015-02-20 Martin WilliMerge branch 'attr-migrate'
2015-02-20 Martin Williattributes: Move the configuration attributes framework...
2015-02-20 Martin Willilibcharon: Add a test runner