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2013-09-30 Martin Williikev1: Don't log a reauthentication detection message...
2013-07-01 Tobias BrunnerReuse reqid for trap policies installed for dpd|closeac...
2013-03-19 Tobias BrunnerDelete IKE_SAs if responder does not initiate XAuth...
2013-03-18 Martin WilliMerge branch 'radius-ext'
2013-03-14 Martin WilliWhen IKEv1 DPD times out, raise missing SEND_RETRANSMIT...
2013-03-14 Martin Willichild_sa_t.get_usestats() can additionally return the...
2013-01-17 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'debian-testing'
2013-01-12 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ikev1-fragmentation'
2012-12-24 Tobias BrunnerLog message size for in- and outbound IKE messages
2012-12-19 Martin WilliRaise an alert if half-open timeout limit reached
2012-12-04 Martin WilliProperly trigger ike_updown() event if IKEv1 DPD times out
2012-10-24 Tobias BrunnerMoved data structures to new collections subfolder
2012-10-24 Tobias BrunnerMoved host_t and host_resolver_t to a new networking...
2012-09-04 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'android-client-cert'
2012-08-31 Martin WilliMerge branch 'multi-vip'
2012-08-30 Martin WilliSupport multiple virtual IPs on peer_cfg and ike_sa...
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'android-ndk'
2012-08-08 Tobias BrunnerReplaced usages of CHARON_*_PORT with calls to get_port().
2012-08-08 Tobias BrunnerMake the UDP ports charon listens for packets on (and...
2012-06-25 Tobias BrunnerMake rescheduling a job more predictable
2012-06-25 Tobias BrunnerGive processor_t more control over the lifecycle of...
2012-06-25 Martin WilliUse XAuth/EAP remote identity for uniqueness check
2012-05-30 Tobias BrunnerAvoid queueing more than one retry initiate job.
2012-05-30 Tobias BrunnerJob added to re-initiate an IKE_SA.
2012-05-21 Martin WilliFix IKEv1 DPD clear, destroying IKE_SA even if reestabl...
2012-05-17 Andreas Steffenmake IKEv1 DPD timeout configurable in charon
2012-05-15 Martin WilliConsider inbound ESP as a sign of liveness for DPD...
2012-05-15 Martin WilliSchedule a DPD timeout job that enforces the IKE messag...
2012-05-02 Tobias BrunnerLoggers specify what log messages they want to receive...
2012-05-02 Martin WilliMerge branch 'ikev1'
2012-03-20 Martin WilliMerge branch 'ikev1-clean' into ikev1-master
2012-03-20 Martin WilliAdopt children after syncing a rekeyed IKEv1 SA
2012-03-20 Martin WilliInvoke ike_updown hooks for reauthenticated IKEv1 SAs
2012-03-20 Martin WilliTry to detect reauthentication as responder and adopt...
2012-03-20 Martin WilliDo not query CHILD_SA during delete if they already...
2012-03-20 Martin WilliRemoved obsolete XAuth job
2012-03-20 Martin WilliPass IKE version to peer config enumerator, filter...
2012-03-20 Clavister OpenSourceIKEv1 XAuth: Adding "initiate" flag parameter to the...
2012-03-20 Clavister OpenSourceIKEv1 XAuth: Added a job to call the initiate_xauth...
2012-03-20 Martin WilliDo not ignore configs for IKEv1 in charon anymore
2012-03-20 Tobias BrunnerUse enum to define IKE version on peer_cfg_t.
2011-10-03 Tobias BrunnerMigrated initiate_mediation_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros.
2011-10-03 Tobias BrunnerMigrated mediation_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros.
2011-09-12 Martin WilliAdd missing semicolon
2011-08-26 Martin Willibus->listen() and the controller wrappers accept a...
2011-07-06 Tobias BrunnerReplaced ike_sa_t.create_child_sa_iterator with enumerator.
2011-06-28 Andreas Steffenimplemented PASS and DROP shunt policies
2011-05-16 Martin WilliAdded a non-blocking, skipping variant of IKE_SA enumerator
2011-05-16 Martin WilliUse high priority for retransmit/dpd/keepalive jobs
2011-05-16 Martin WilliUse job priorities in process_message job based on...
2011-05-16 Martin WilliIntroduce priority classes for jobs
2011-02-28 Martin WilliInvert check to delete unestablished IKE_SAs to not...
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated update_sa_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated send_keepalive_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated send_dpd_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated roam_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated retransmit_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated rekey_ike_sa_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated rekey_child_sa_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated process_message_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated migrate_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas Steffen_ prefix not required
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated delete_ike_sa_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated delete_child_sa_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-10 Andreas SteffenMigrated acquire_job_t to INIT/METHOD macros
2011-02-09 Andreas Steffenreplaced ipsec up %startall command by start_action job
2011-01-12 Martin WilliForce port update as responder when initiator switches...
2010-09-02 Tobias BrunnerRefer to scheduler and processor via lib and not hydra.
2010-09-02 Tobias BrunnerRefer to scheduler via hydra and not charon.
2010-09-02 Tobias BrunnerMoved scheduler_t to libhydra.
2010-09-02 Tobias BrunnerMove callback_job_t to libhydra.
2010-09-02 Tobias BrunnerFixing Doxygen groups after moving processor.
2010-09-02 Tobias BrunnerRefer to processor via hydra and not charon.
2010-09-02 Tobias BrunnerMove processor_t (thread-pool) to libhydra.
2010-08-18 Martin WilliUse a seperate section for each nested struct member...
2010-03-19 Tobias BrunnerMoving charon to libcharon.