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[strongswan.git] / src / libcharon / plugins / tnccs_11 / messages /
2011-06-16 Andreas Steffensome cosmetics
2011-06-16 Andreas Steffenfixed XML parsing of TNCCS 1.1 ReasonString message
2011-06-14 Andreas Steffenfixed the IF-TNCCS 1.1 ReasonString XML encoding
2011-06-01 Andreas Steffenmake IMC/IMV pairs independent of libcharon
2011-02-08 Martin WilliWhitespace cleanups in tnc code
2011-02-08 Martin WilliFixed compiler warning
2011-02-08 Martin WilliFixed various doxygen errors in tnc plugins
2011-01-11 Andreas Steffenfixed XML syntax for TNCCS-Recommendation messages
2011-01-11 Andreas Steffenimplemented check_and_build_recommendation()
2011-01-11 Andreas Steffeninitialize the reference count correctly
2011-01-11 Andreas Steffenhandle zero size Base64 conversions
2011-01-09 Andreas Steffenimplemented parsing of TNCCS 1.1 messages
2011-01-08 Andreas Steffencreated process() method for TNCCS messages
2011-01-07 Andreas Steffencorrected naming of tnccs_reason_strings_msg_t object
2011-01-07 Andreas Steffendo not forget to advance node
2011-01-07 Andreas Steffenimplemented TNCCS 1.1 without libtnc