Version bump to 5.9.5rc1
[strongswan.git] / src / libcharon / encoding / message.h
4 days ago Tobias Brunnermessage: Add getter/setter for metadata handling
2018-05-23 Tobias BrunnerUnify format of HSR copyright statements
2017-08-07 Tobias BrunnerFixed some typos, courtesy of codespell
2016-03-24 Andreas SteffenUse standard unsigned integer types
2014-10-10 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ikev2-fragmentation'
2014-10-10 Tobias Brunnermessage: Fragment and reassemble IKEv2 messages
2014-10-10 Tobias Brunnerikev1: Move defragmentation to message_t
2014-10-10 Tobias Brunnermessage: fragment() generates message and fragments...
2014-10-10 Tobias Brunnerikev1: Move fragment generation to message_t
2014-10-10 Tobias Brunnerike: Rename encryption_payload to encrypted_payload
2013-07-18 Tobias BrunnerFix various API doc issues and typos
2012-10-24 Tobias BrunnerMoved data structures to new collections subfolder
2012-10-24 Tobias BrunnerMoved packet_t and tun_device_t to networking folder
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'android-app'
2012-08-08 Tobias BrunnerMoved packet_t to libstrongswan
2012-05-02 Martin WilliMerge branch 'ikev1'
2012-03-20 Martin WilliMerge branch 'ikev1-clean' into ikev1-master
2012-03-20 Tobias BrunnerProvide keymat_t to message_t to encrypt/decrypt data.
2012-03-20 Martin WilliDon't clone chunk in message.get_packet_data
2012-03-20 Tobias BrunnerAllow creation of message_t objects for IKEv1 packets.
2011-07-20 Tobias BrunnerFixed common misspellings.
2011-01-05 Martin WilliMoved check if packet already encoded to ike_sa, avoids...
2011-01-05 Martin WilliAdded a message method to set the "higher version suppo...
2011-01-05 Martin WilliAdded reserved bit mangling wrapper functions to message
2011-01-05 Martin WilliMove critical bit checking to ike_sa, notify payload...
2011-01-05 Martin WilliSupport removal of payloads from messages
2011-01-05 Martin WilliAdded a message_t option to disable automatic payload...
2010-08-19 Martin WilliUse AEAD wrapper for encryption payload encryption...
2010-03-19 Tobias BrunnerMoving charon to libcharon.