android: Don't try to load the profile with ID 0
[strongswan.git] / src / frontends / android / src / org / strongswan / android / ui /
2012-08-31 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Don't try to load the profile with ID 0
2012-08-31 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Spinner added to select the VPN type
2012-08-14 Tobias BrunnerAdded new UI to select a specific CA certificate
2012-08-14 Tobias BrunnerDon't try to save profile ID if there is none
2012-08-14 Tobias BrunnerRemove certificate spinner from edit view
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'android-app'
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerAllow selection of a CA certificate for a VPN profile
2012-08-11 Tobias BrunnerProvide a menu with options to save VPN profiles
2012-08-11 Tobias BrunnerAdded an activity to edit basic VPN profile details