android: Spinner added to select the VPN type
[strongswan.git] / src / frontends / android / res / layout /
2012-08-31 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Spinner added to select the VPN type
2012-08-14 Tobias BrunnerAdded new UI to select a specific CA certificate
2012-08-14 Tobias BrunnerAdded an activity that shows lists of CA certificates...
2012-08-14 Tobias BrunnerChanged TrustedCertificateAdapter for use with ListView...
2012-08-14 Tobias BrunnerRemove certificate spinner from edit view
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'android-app'
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerAdd an Activity that shows the log fragment
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerAdd a fragment that can display charon's log file
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerShow a button to disconnect the VPN once it is established
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerShow current VPN state and profile name
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerAdd a fragment to MainActivity which will display the...
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerPrompt the user for a password if none is configured...
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerAllow selection of a CA certificate for a VPN profile
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerAdded simple adapter for trusted certificates (to be...
2012-08-13 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'android-ndk'
2012-08-11 Tobias BrunnerAdded an activity to edit basic VPN profile details
2012-08-11 Tobias BrunnerShow list fragment in main activity
2012-08-11 Tobias BrunnerFragment added to list the VPN profiles
2012-08-11 Tobias BrunnerAdded a custom adapter and layout to display VPN profil...
2012-08-08 Tobias BrunnerAdded Android shell app created with Android SDK.