Newer glade requires explicit vertical vboxes
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2010-02-18 Martin WilliNewer glade requires explicit vertical vboxes
2009-09-18 Martin Willinm uses the distributions trusted root CAs if none...
2009-05-15 Martin WilliIf the NM gateway certificate has the CA constraint...
2009-05-15 Martin Williupdated glade dialog, using tooltip instead of tooltip_text
2008-09-05 Martin WilliNM plugin supports (encrypted) private key files
2008-09-04 Martin Williimplemented NetworkManager certificate/private key...
2008-08-25 Martin Willienforce DN of configured gateway certificate
2008-08-20 Martin Williadded missing tooltip
2008-08-19 Martin Willicertificate based gateway authentication
2008-07-31 Martin Williconfiguration plugin for NetworkManager