reimplemented certificate cache:
[strongswan.git] / src / charon / credentials / sets / cert_cache.c
2008-12-15 Martin Willireimplemented certificate cache:
2008-12-03 Tobias Brunnerfixed compiler warning
2008-11-05 Martin Williwrapped all pthread_rwlock_t in profilable rwlock_t
2008-07-30 Martin Williusing shared read locks in credential set enumerators...
2008-04-17 Martin Williextended credential_set_t interface by a cache_cert...
2008-04-16 Martin Williparallelized trust chain verification
2008-04-07 Martin Willitry to cache the same instance of equal certificates
2008-03-28 Martin Willireentrant save cert_cache
2008-03-28 Martin Willicaching of CRLs
2008-03-27 Martin Williimplemented cert cache flushing, ipsec purgeocsp
2008-03-26 Martin Willicaching of ocsp responses (experimental), no crl cachin...
2008-03-20 Martin Willicert_cache_t caches subject-issuer relations and subjec...