testing: Start charon before Apache in tnc/tnccs-20-pdp-pt-tls
[strongswan.git] / src / charon-cmd / Makefile.am
2016-06-14 Martin Williconfigure: Check for and explicitly link against -latomic
2016-03-03 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'libhydra-bye-bye'
2016-03-03 Tobias Brunnerlibhydra: Remove empty unused library
2013-09-13 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'man-pki'
2013-09-13 Tobias BrunnerBuild generated man pages via configure script
2013-07-18 Martin Williautomake: replace INCLUDES by AM_CPPFLAGS
2013-06-21 Tobias Brunnercharon-cmd: Add man page for charon-cmd(8)
2013-05-06 Martin WilliMerge branch 'charon-cmd'
2013-05-06 Martin Willicharon-cmd: load certificates and RSA private keys
2013-05-06 Martin Willicharon-cmd: add a connection object and its initiation...
2013-05-06 Martin Willicharon-cmd: move command line options to separate file...
2013-05-06 Martin Willicharon-cmd: add a stub for charon-cmd, a simple command...