socket-dynamic: Use IPv6-only mode for IPv6 sockets
[strongswan.git] / scripts /
8 days ago Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'asan'
8 days ago Tobias Brunnergithub: Enable AddressSanitizer if leak-detective is...
9 days ago Tobias Brunnergithub: Use OpenSSL 3.0.5 for tests
2022-09-06 Tobias Brunnergithub: Remove --enable-scepclient from macOS build...
2022-09-06 Tobias BrunnerUse wolfSSL 5.5.0 for tests
2022-08-26 Andreas SteffenMerge branch 'pki-scep'
2022-08-25 Andreas Steffenlibtls: unit tests with crypto libs need additional...
2022-08-18 Tobias Brunnerandroid: Slightly increase NDK version
2022-07-18 Tobias Brunnerconfigure: Add option to build with extended compiler...
2022-07-18 Tobias Brunnerconfigure: Add noyywrap option to AC_PROG_LEX for Autoc...
2022-07-18 Tobias BrunnerUse wolfSSL 5.4.0 for tests
2022-06-29 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'multi-ke-backport'
2022-06-29 Tobias BrunnerRename diffie_hellman_t to key_exchange_t and change...
2022-06-28 Tobias BrunnerUpdate copyright headers after acquisition by secunet
2022-05-06 Tobias BrunnerUse wolfSSL 5.3.0 for tests
2022-04-25 Tobias BrunnerUse mallinfo2() if available
2022-04-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'openssl-3.0'
2022-04-14 Tobias Brunnergithub: Add a build against OpenSSL 3.0
2022-04-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'ikev2-kdf-modularization'
2022-04-14 Tobias Brunnerappveyor: Enable kdf plugin on old images with OpenSSL...
2022-04-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'labeled-ipsec'
2022-04-14 Tobias Brunnerconfigure: Add option to link against libselinux
2022-02-22 Tobias BrunnerUse wolfSSL 5.2.0 for tests
2022-02-15 Tobias Brunnertls-test: Add option to specify a specific remote identity
2022-01-24 Tobias BrunnerUse Botan 2.19.1 for tests
2022-01-04 Tobias BrunnerUse wolfSSL 5.1.1 for tests
2021-11-11 Andreas SteffenMerge branch 'rsa-oaep-encryption'
2021-11-10 Andreas Steffengcrypt: Enable RSA PKCS1 encryption/decryption
2021-11-02 Tobias BrunnerUse wolfSSL 5.0.0 for tests
2021-10-29 Tobias BrunnerUse Botan 2.18.2 for tests
2021-10-12 Tobias Brunnercirrus: Use specific package name for OpenLDAP
2021-09-30 Tobias Brunnergithub: Fix build on macOS due to moved OpenSSL location
2021-09-23 Tobias Brunnergithub: Use OpenSSL 1.1 on macOS
2021-09-09 Andreas Steffenos_info: Parse /etc/os-release first
2021-09-09 Tobias Brunnergithub: Remove build on Ubuntu Xenial (16.04)
2021-07-14 Tobias BrunnerIgnore android-* tags when using `git describe` android-2.3.3-1
2021-07-13 Tobias BrunnerUse wolfSSL 4.8.0 for tests
2021-06-22 Tobias Brunnertesting: Build wolfSSL from the Git repository
2021-05-07 Tobias BrunnerUse Botan 2.18.0 for tests
2021-05-06 Tobias Brunnergithub: Fix python build and checks on older Ubuntu...
2021-05-05 Tobias Brunnergithub: Don't fail LGTM test with an error if variables...
2021-05-05 Noel Kuntzegithub: Fail LGTM test if required environment variable...
2021-05-05 Tobias Brunnergithub: Make LGTM project ID configurable via environme...
2021-05-05 Noel Kuntzegithub: Fail sonarcloud test if required environment...
2021-05-05 Tobias Brunnergithub: Fix build on Ubuntu 20.04 and add a job for...
2021-02-18 Andreas SteffenMerge branch 'tls-fixes' 5.9.2rc1
2021-02-18 Tobias Brunnertls-test: Add option to make client authentication...
2021-02-18 Tobias Brunnerlibtls: Add control flags and replace GENERIC_NULLOK...
2021-02-16 Tobias Brunnergithub: Bump wolfSSL to 4.7.0
2021-02-12 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'tls13'
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnerlibtls: Make min/max TLS version configurable
2021-02-12 Pascal Knechttls-test: Add support to require/verify client certificates
2021-02-12 Pascal Knechttls-test: Load keys of any type
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-test: Make plugin list configurable via environment...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-test: Add options to configure TLS versions
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-socket: Allow configuring both minimum and maximum...
2021-02-12 Tobias Brunnertls-test: Make address family configurable and simplify...
2021-02-12 bytinbitlibtls: Implement TLS 1.3 handshake on client-side
2021-01-27 Tobias Brunnerappveyor: Also build against newer OpenSSL versions
2021-01-27 Michał SkalskiEnable Windows CI build of pkcs11 plugin
2021-01-22 Tobias Brunnergithub: Enable farp plugin on macOS
2021-01-22 Tobias Brunnercirrus: Build farp plugin on FreeBSD
2021-01-04 Tobias Brunnergithub: Bump wolfSSL to 4.6.0
2020-12-15 Tobias Brunnercirrus: Build against tpm2-tss on FreeBSD
2020-12-15 Tobias Brunnergithub: Migrate from Travis CI to Github Actions
2020-11-27 Tobias BrunnerUse Botan 2.17.1 for tests
2020-10-07 Tobias BrunnerUse Botan 2.16.0 for tests
2020-09-24 Tobias Brunnertravis: Bump tpm2-tss to 2.4.3
2020-09-09 Tobias Brunnertravis: Read project/organization for SonarCloud from...
2020-08-31 Tobias Brunnertravis: Bump wolfSSL to 4.5.0
2020-08-17 Tobias Brunnertravis: Bump tpm2-tss to 2.4.2
2020-07-20 Tobias BrunnerUse Botan 2.15.0 for tests
2020-07-20 Tobias Brunnerconfigure: Optionally use version information obtained...
2020-06-11 Tobias Brunnertravis: Don't pipe negative result into jq
2020-06-02 Tobias Brunnertravis: Add build of the Android app
2020-05-26 Tobias Brunnertravis: Bump tpm2-tss to 2.4.1
2020-05-07 Tobias Brunnertravis: Bump wolfSSL to 4.4.0
2020-05-04 Tobias Brunnerscripts: Initialize libstrongswan in id2sql to fix...
2020-04-07 Tobias BrunnerUse Botan 2.14.0 for tests
2020-03-04 Tobias Brunnerscript: Fix upper bounds
2020-03-03 Tobias Brunnerpubkey-speed: Add sanity check for the number of rounds
2020-03-03 Tobias Brunnercrypt-burn: Add sanity check for buffer length
2020-02-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Enable caching for sonarcloud scan
2020-02-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Bump tpm2-tss to 2.3.3
2020-02-14 Tobias Brunnertravis: Add build tests for NM plugin
2020-02-13 Tobias BrunnerRevert "travis: Add workaround for a tox/virtualenv...
2020-02-13 Tobias Brunnercirrus: Remove bashisms from test script to make it...
2020-02-12 Tobias Brunnertravis: Add workaround for a tox/virtualenv/six issue
2020-02-05 Tobias Brunnertravis: Build soup plugin
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnerlgtm: Build external dependencies for a more complete...
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnertravis: tpm2-tss switched the default crypto backend...
2020-01-30 Tobias Brunnertravis: Trigger code review on
2020-01-22 Tobias Brunnertravis: Build on ARM64, IBM Power and IBM Z architectures
2020-01-16 Tobias BrunnerUse Botan 2.13.0 for tests
2020-01-14 Tobias BrunnerMerge branch 'vici-pytest'
2020-01-14 Tobias Brunnertravis: Run python tests with tox
2020-01-13 Tobias Brunnertravis: Bump wolfSSL to 4.3.0
2019-12-19 Tobias BrunnerRevert "travis: Add a workaround for a bug regarding...
2019-10-23 Tobias Brunnertravis: Bump wolfSSL to 4.2.0
2019-10-21 Tobias Brunnertravis: Switch to the Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) image for...