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[strongswan.git] / packages / strongswan / debian / rules
2013-10-30 Ansis Attekadebian: build debug symbol package
2012-07-19 Martin WilliAdd a libstrongswan-dev debian package with development...
2012-07-19 Martin WilliPass CC/CFLAGS to ./configure, not to make, adding...
2012-07-19 Martin WilliUpgraded our Debian package to 5.0
2009-02-24 Martin Williadded EAP-Identity package
2009-02-23 Martin Williupdated debian packages to 4.2.12, supporting EAP-MSCHAPv2
2009-02-17 Martin Willido not operate on strongswan-padlock on non-x86
2009-02-17 Martin Willifixed build on non-i386 architectures
2009-02-16 Martin Williinitial version of new modular strongswan debian packages