Add a return value to aead_t.encrypt()
[strongswan.git] /
2012-07-13 Martin WilliWith --enable-bfd-backtraces, use binutils libbfd to...
2012-07-12 Martin WilliSet a sane default if --with-dev-headers is given witho...
2012-07-11 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 5.0.1dr1
2012-07-11 Martin WilliInstall dev headers only if --with-dev-headers= option...
2012-07-11 Martin WilliCheck if config.h passed correctly via gcc -include
2012-07-11 Martin WilliUse and install a config.h AC_CONFIG_HEADER that contai...
2012-07-11 Martin WilliAdded a description to all AC_DEFINE macros, as require...
2012-07-09 Tobias Brunnergetpwnam_r and getgrnam_r are not supported by the...
2012-07-05 Tobias BrunnerFixed help text for --disable-xauth-generic plugin
2012-06-28 Tobias BrunnerThread-safe wrapper around strerror(3)/strerror_r(3...
2012-06-25 Tobias BrunnerAdded an option to rename the ipsec script during insta...
2012-06-25 Tobias BrunnerEnable xauth-generic by default but don't build it...
2012-06-23 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 5.0.0
2012-06-13 Tobias BrunnerRemoved remaining pluto related configure options.
2012-06-11 Tobias BrunnerBye bye Pluto!
2012-06-09 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 5.0.0rc1
2012-05-18 Tobias BrunnerRemove executable flag from source files.
2012-05-18 Adrian-Ken RueegseggerAdd nonce plugin implementation
2012-05-03 Tobias BrunnerIt seems charon-nm has to be linked against libnm-util.
2012-05-03 Tobias BrunnerIntegrate nm plugin directly in charon-nm.
2012-05-03 Tobias BrunnerAdded a small libcharon wrapper intended to directly...
2012-05-03 Tobias BrunnerProvide plugin list from charon, not internally in...
2012-05-02 Martin WilliMerge branch 'ikev1'
2012-04-30 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.3
2012-04-22 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.3rc2
2012-04-05 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.3rc1
2012-04-03 Tobias BrunnerImplemented AES-CMAC based PRF and signer.
2012-03-20 Martin WilliMerge branch 'ikev1-clean' into ikev1-master
2012-03-20 Martin WilliAdded an XAuth plugin that forwards authentication...
2012-03-20 Martin WilliAdded a --disable-ikev2 option to disable IKEv2 support...
2012-03-20 Tobias BrunnerAdded generic XAuth backend, using secrets provided...
2012-03-20 Tobias BrunnerRemoved xauth-null dummy plugin.
2012-03-20 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 5.0.0dr1
2012-03-20 Clavister OpenSourceIKEv1 XAuth: Added a "NULL" XAuth plugin which sends...
2012-03-20 Tobias BrunnerAdded configure option for the IKEv1 implementation...
2012-03-16 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.3dr2
2012-03-14 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.3dr1
2012-03-13 Andreas Steffencreated libradius shared by eap-radius and tnc-pdp...
2012-03-13 Andreas Steffencreated tnc-pdp policy decision point plugin
2012-03-05 Martin WilliBuild libradius if radattr plugin is enabled
2012-03-05 Martin WilliAdded a radattr plugin that prints any received RADIUS...
2012-03-05 Martin WilliMoved generic RADIUS protocol support to a dedicated...
2012-02-21 Andreas Steffenadded missing x character
2012-02-20 Andreas Steffenlibtnccs is required by the eap_tnc plugin
2012-02-20 Andreas Steffencharon does not depend on libtncif any more but tnc_tnc...
2012-02-16 Andreas Steffenbuild libstrongswan if libimcv is built
2012-02-15 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.2
2012-02-05 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.2rc1
2012-02-02 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.2dr4
2012-02-01 Tobias BrunnerAdded PKCS#8 stub plugin.
2012-01-24 Martin WilliBuild libstrongswan if libfast gets built
2012-01-12 Tobias BrunnerFix gettid() on Android, which is defined in unistd...
2012-01-10 Tobias BrunnerUse native gettid() if available (which is the case...
2011-12-25 Andreas Steffenregister aik certificate via ipsec attest
2011-12-18 Andreas Steffencheck for TrouSerS
2011-12-16 Tobias BrunnerLog native thread ID when a thread is created.
2011-12-16 Andreas SteffenRevert "fixed caption alignment"
2011-12-16 Andreas Steffenfixed caption alignment
2011-12-12 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.2dr2
2011-11-28 Andreas Steffenmoved attestation plugins to libpts in order to resolve...
2011-11-28 Andreas Steffenautomatically construct attest plugin list
2011-11-28 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.2dr1
2011-11-08 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.1
2011-11-02 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.0
2011-10-31 Andreas Steffentnc-tnccs plugin is now included in integrity tests
2011-10-31 Tobias Brunnerpkcs11: Register the pkcs11 plugin before any other...
2011-10-26 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.0rc3
2011-10-24 Andreas Steffenrefactored TNC framework
2011-10-24 Andreas Steffenmoved imc_manager to libtnccs
2011-10-22 Andreas Steffenfixed type
2011-10-22 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.0rc2
2011-10-21 Tobias Brunnerstarter: Use kernel interfaces to flush SAD and SPD.
2011-10-21 Tobias Brunnerstarter: Load plugins specific to starter.
2011-10-14 Tobias Brunnerpluto: Option added to disable adns.
2011-10-13 Tobias BrunnerAdded a replacement for closefrom (available on *BSD).
2011-10-11 Tobias Brunnergetpass(3) is not supported on Android.
2011-10-05 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.0dr5
2011-10-04 Tobias BrunnerCheck for RTA_TABLE in configure.
2011-09-26 Martin WilliLoad eap-aka plugin before shared simaka helpers depend...
2011-09-13 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.0dr4
2011-09-08 Andreas Steffencreated libpts
2011-09-08 Andreas Steffenremoved conflicts
2011-09-08 Andreas Steffencreated empty imc_attestation and imv_attestation plugi...
2011-09-02 Martin WilliCheck if ClearSilver actually requires zlib
2011-08-22 Martin WilliAdded plugin stub of certexpire plugin
2011-08-14 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.0dr3
2011-08-11 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.0dr2
2011-08-10 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.6.0dr1
2011-08-10 Andreas Steffencreated tnc-ifmap plugin
2011-08-01 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.3
2011-07-14 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.3rc1
2011-07-06 Andreas Steffeninstall IMC and IMV dynamic libraries in imcvs directory
2011-07-05 Tobias BrunnerDon't install the libraries directly in lib/.
2011-07-05 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.3dr8
2011-07-04 Andreas Steffenadded ITA Scanner IMC/IMV pair which detects open serve...
2011-06-29 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.3dr7
2011-06-27 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.3dr6
2011-06-19 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.3dr5
2011-06-15 Martin WilliWe actually need to link against libz, as neo libraries...
2011-06-10 Andreas Steffenversion bump to 4.5.3dr4