- added logger
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2005-11-17 Martin Willi- added logger
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- returned wrong payload type
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- parse_body improved
2005-11-17 Martin Willi- added mappings for status_t
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- check ike versions
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- added logging of chunk_t's
2005-11-17 Jan Hutterstarted to implement process message
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- started to implement message type check
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- introduced new functions for version fetching
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- added UDP socket 500 as default socket
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- processing of incoming message in worker thread progr...
2005-11-16 Martin Willi""
2005-11-16 Martin Willi""
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- started implementation of a dummy config-manager
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- spi_t replaced with u_int64_t
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- renamed mappings
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- change cloning behavior, does not clone anymore
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- renamed mappings
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- added definitions from IKEv2 draft
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- added exchange types
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- host_t for storing host address
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- added methods which will allocate mem
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- uses new packet with host_t now
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- updated tests to varius changes in modules
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- implemented generate-method
2005-11-16 Martin Willi""
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- renamed mappings
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- packet uses host_t to store addresses now
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- first (incomplete) implementation of initialize_conne...
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- spi_t is a u_int64_t now
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- role refactored to is_initiator-boolean
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- renamed mappings
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- fixed bug of generator
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- tried to fix memory errors
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- defined interface for each job and implemented incomi...
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- job.h and job.c moved to directory jobs
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- added mappings
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- logger manager is destroyed at end
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- added number of working threads
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- included globals.h
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- fixed bug in naming of logger
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- added context for DAEMON
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- randomizer_t written and tested
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- documentation of return values changed
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- added mappings for logger_context_t types
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- refactored ike_sa_manager_t class
2005-11-16 Jan Hutterfixed bug in logger_manager
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- parsing notify messge
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- nonce payload tested
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- notify payload written and tested
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- support for key exchange payload
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- nonce payload added
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- nonce payload added
2005-11-15 Jan HutterAdded encoding_type_t NOTIFICATION_DATA
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- nonce payload defined
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- error in documentation fixed
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- wrote ke_payload class
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- wrote payload sa_payload
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- introduced new encoding type KEY_EXCHANGE_DATA
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- generator refactored
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- generator refactored
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- commented parser
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- SA Payload is generated
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter fixed bug with new function set_next_type
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- introduced set_next_type call for payload_t objects
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- test of header payload rewritten
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- needs update to getter and setter of ike_header
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- moved ike_header fields to private
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- parser succesfully parses sa payload
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- proposal_substructure written and tested
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- generating of proposal substructure
2005-11-14 Jan Huttertest for proposal substructure written
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- proposal substructure written, but not tested
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- compute_length written
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- transform_substructure fully implemented
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- class transform_attribute fully tested and written
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- some output improvements
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- including all running tests
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- updated test for new parser
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- clean logging
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- added encoding_type_t mappings
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- defined all substructures for a SA payload
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- fixed bug in mapping_find
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- fixed output when an assert fails
2005-11-14 Jan HutterIntroduced payload types sa_payload and proposal_substr...
2005-11-14 Jan HutterLENGTH is not anymore available
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- added encoding_type_t_mappings
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- introduced new field types
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- fixed parser to use new payload mechanisms
2005-11-14 Jan Hutterdescription changed
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- payload ike_header cleaned
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- removed generator context object and implemented...
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- skeleton implementation of ike_header
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- fixed bad SVN issues, should all work again now
2005-11-11 Martin Willi(no commit message)
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- fixed typo
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- logger in utils
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- moved queues into subfolder queues
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- renamed logger_manager method get_logger to create_logger
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- renamed tests to testcases