- identification_t supports now almost all id types
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2006-04-24 Martin Willi- identification_t supports now almost all id types
2006-04-20 Martin Willi- fixed doxygen build
2006-04-20 Martin Willi- library initialization done at a central point (libra...
2006-04-20 Martin Willi- fixed log-to-syslog behavior
2006-04-19 Martin Willi- x509 certificate loading with pluto asn1 code
2006-04-18 Martin Willi- renamed some files
2006-04-18 Martin Willi- using asn1 pluto stuff now
2006-04-18 Martin Willi- removed, since we use pluto asn1 stuff
2006-04-13 Martin Willi- leak detective is usable, but does not show static...
2006-04-12 Martin Willi- some improvements to new asn1 stuff
2006-04-12 Martin Willi- fixed bad bugs in kernel interface
2006-04-10 Martin Willi- startet importing pluto ASN1 stuff
2006-04-10 Martin Willi- split up in libstrong, charon, stroke, testing done
2006-04-05 Martin Willi../svn-commit.tmp