- moved hasher_*_t to *_hasher_t
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon /
2005-11-27 Martin Willi- moved hasher_*_t to *_hasher_t
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- fixed member order
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- some fixes and cleanups
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- code cleanups
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- threads are new identified by pid
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- tested code-example
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- removed loglevel specification
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- lovlevels specified for each context
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- added localhost to config
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- some output improvements
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- began to implement aes_crypter_t
2005-11-25 Martin Willi- documentation and cleanup of threads package
2005-11-25 Martin Willi- added debugging CFLAG
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- changed interface of ike_sa
2005-11-25 Jan Huttercode documentation cleaned
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- code documentation cleaned
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- definitions of random devices moved
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- code documentation cleaned
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- code documentation cleaned
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- code documentation cleaned
2005-11-25 Jan Hutterignore list
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- allocator_free_chunk changed
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- allocator_free_chunk changed
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- chunk is freed differently
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- code refined
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- code refined
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- changed way of freeing chunks
2005-11-25 Martin Willi- moved to Doxyfile
2005-11-25 Martin Willi- updated for packages
2005-11-24 Jan Hutter- began to clean code documentation
2005-11-24 Jan Hutter- added function create_and_checkout to the ike_sa_man...
2005-11-24 Jan Hutter- connection is initialized
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- moved algorithm definitions from payloads to correspo...
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- -Wall -Werror added
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- moved linked_list_iterator_t to iterator_t, located...
2005-11-24 Jan Hutterfunction better described
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- moved remove-method to iterator
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- fixed some docu issues
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- updated documentation, should be the reference
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- typedefs changed
2005-11-24 Jan Hutterchanged enum and structs names to _t
2005-11-24 Jan Hutter- memory leaks fixed
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- moved host_t from util to network
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- fixed doxyfile
2005-11-23 Martin Willi-
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- created new makefiles
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- unmanaged build
2005-11-23 Martin Willi(no commit message)
2005-11-23 Martin Williok
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- deleted
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- config pkg
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- created package threads
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- created encoding package
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- moved packet and socket in new network-package
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- jobs moved into queues
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- changed include paths
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- changed include paths
2005-11-23 Jan Hutterinclude paths changed
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- include path changed
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- shared secret was not retrieved
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- fixed bugs
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- added compution of secrets
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- set default Hash function to MD5
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- cleaned code, no functional change
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- added logging of nonces
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- buffer pointer was not increased
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- bug in creating fixed
2005-11-23 Jan Hutteradded CHUNK_INITIALIZER
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- hmac supports md5
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- md5 hmac test
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- added support for encoding type IKE_SPI
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter(no commit message)
2005-11-22 Jan Hutteradded new fields
2005-11-22 Jan Hutterchanged way to get transforms
2005-11-22 Jan Hutterchanged encoding rules to support type IKE_SPI
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter added encoding type IKE_SPI
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter-starte to implement function to set secrets
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- added function to retrieve responder spi
2005-11-22 Jan Hutteradded field type IKE_SPI
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- added get_responder_spi function
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- added md5 test
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- fixed some minor comment issues
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- prf_hmac_sha1 is now a generig prf_hmac
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- added min/max macros
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- implemented md5 hasher
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- fixed freeing bug
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- prf_plus test
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- memory leak fixed
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- dummy test
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- implemented, untested
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- documented
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- added ability to append data
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- added test for appending hmac functionality
2005-11-22 Jan Hutterchanged constructor
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- fully implemented
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- implemented until state change
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- partly implemented
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- implemented most parts
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- added new logging context for configuration manager
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- partly documented