- key derivation for child_sa works
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / utils / logger_manager.h
2006-02-10 Martin Willi- key derivation for child_sa works
2005-12-06 Jan Hutter- code cleaned up
2005-12-05 Martin Willi- some doc updates
2005-12-04 Martin Willi- logging cleanup
2005-12-02 Martin Willi- state ike_sa_init_responded implemented (has some...
2005-11-28 Martin Willi- return value cleanup
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- code documentation cleaned
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- typedefs changed
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- changed include paths
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- added new logging context for configuration manager
2005-11-21 Martin Willi- added thread-id to log for some contexes
2005-11-17 Martin Willi- renamed EVENT_THREAD to SCHEDULER_THREAD
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- added context for DAEMON
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- added mappings for logger_context_t types
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- logger in utils