- code cleaned up
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / transforms /
2005-12-07 Martin Willi- fixed gmp initialization bugs
2005-12-06 Jan Hutter- code cleaned up
2005-12-06 Jan Hutter- code cleaned up
2005-12-06 Jan Hutter- code cleaned up
2005-12-06 Jan Hutter- code cleaned up
2005-12-06 Jan Hutter- code cleaned up
2005-12-04 Jan Hutter- code documented
2005-12-04 Martin Willi- doxygen constructor declaration, make default ?
2005-12-04 Martin Willi- comments added
2005-12-04 Martin Willi- implemented RSA, only signing and verifying esma_pkcs...
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- encryption seems to work
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter(no commit message)
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- diffie hellman code cleaned
2005-11-28 Martin Willi- return value cleanup
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- added compution of all needed keys and also creation...
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- changed prf_hmac_t to hmac_prf_t
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- AUTH_HMAC_MD5_96 and AUTH_HMAC_SHA1_96 implemented...
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- aes encryption with 128 successfully tested
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- aes encryption working but code not cleaned
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- wrote test for aes_cbc but encryption does not seem...
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- aes crypter written but not tested
2005-11-27 Martin Willi- moved hasher_*_t to *_hasher_t
2005-11-26 Martin Willi- code cleanups
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- began to implement aes_crypter_t
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- moved algorithm definitions from payloads to correspo...
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- fixed some docu issues
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- updated documentation, should be the reference
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- typedefs changed
2005-11-23 Martin Willi-
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- created encoding package
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- changed include paths
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- buffer pointer was not increased
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- bug in creating fixed
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- hmac supports md5
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- fixed some minor comment issues
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- prf_hmac_sha1 is now a generig prf_hmac
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- implemented md5 hasher
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- fixed freeing bug
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- implemented, untested
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- added ability to append data
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- implemented
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- removed key from constructor
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- definition of interface for singer and crypter
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- removed key from constructor
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter(no commit message)
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- moved to hmac
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- fixed memleak in sha1
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- implementation supporting SHA1
2005-11-21 Martin Willi- doc
2005-11-21 Martin Willi- implementation of hasher_sha1
2005-11-21 Martin Willi- skeletons for:
2005-11-18 Martin Willi- changed group_number type to diffie_hellman_group_t
2005-11-18 Jan Hutter- implemented all diffie hellman groups
2005-11-18 Jan Hutter- wrote diffie_hellman_t but not tested