- switching of initiator flag only on requests
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / thread_pool.c
2005-11-21 Jan Hutter- switching of initiator flag only on requests
2005-11-21 Martin Willi- cleanup of logging
2005-11-21 Jan Hutter- coding rule fix :-)
2005-11-18 Martin Willi- changed ike_sa_id interface
2005-11-18 Martin Willi- redefined logger levels
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter-added processing of DELETE_IKE_SA job
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- checkin of IKE SA gets performed
2005-11-17 Martin Willi- handles now INITIATE_IKE_SA jobs
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- improved INCOMING MESSAGE handling
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- check ike versions
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- processing of incoming message in worker thread progr...
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- spi_t replaced with u_int64_t
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- logger in utils
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- moved queues into subfolder queues
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- renamed logger_manager method get_logger to create_logger
2005-11-11 Jan Hutter- fixed bug in logger_t not storing the name of it
2005-11-11 Jan Hutter- wrote logger_manager
2005-11-10 Martin Willi- updated comments
2005-11-10 Martin Willi- fixed memleak
2005-11-10 Martin Willi- removed strongswan includes, we are now self-containe...
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- changed allocator calls to new allocator functions
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- global objects are defined in globals
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- global job-queue renamed to global_job_queue
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- indexer turned on
2005-11-04 Martin Willi- cancellation disabled by default
2005-11-04 Martin Willi- works now correctly with job_queue
2005-11-03 Martin Willi- uses now job_queue
2005-11-03 Martin Willi""