- fixed bug in memory reallocation
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / tests.c
2005-11-10 Jan Hutter- fixed bug in memory reallocation
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- enabled all tests
2005-11-09 Jan Huttergeneration of uint implemented but not tested
2005-11-09 Martin Willi- finish functionality of ike_sa_manager
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- memory allocation now works with allocator-functions...
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- changed allocator calls to new allocator functions
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- added generator test 1
2005-11-08 Jan Hutter- basic test for ike_sa_t written (must be refined...
2005-11-08 Jan Hutter- added test for ike_sa_id_t
2005-11-07 Martin Willi- added scheduler test
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- added test of receiver
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- wrote test for sender_t
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- sender_t written, but not tested!
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- event_queue_test improved
2005-11-07 Martin Willi- added socket test
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- tester_t class rewritten
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- tests are now performed in its own main tests.c