ms changed to us
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / tester.c
2005-11-09 Jan Hutterms changed to us
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- test output improved
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- memory allocation now works with allocator-functions...
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- changed memory allocator functions to own allocator...
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- tester_t class rewritten
2005-11-04 Jan Hutter- iterator for linked list implemented
2005-11-04 Jan Hutter-Tester improved (used time is displayed)
2005-11-03 Jan Hutter- Tests more documented
2005-11-03 Jan Hutter- Tests are now separated in test files in the tests...
2005-11-03 Jan Hutter- job_queue tested
2005-11-03 Jan Hutter- summary message changed
2005-11-03 Martin Willi""
2005-11-03 Jan Hutter- job queue implemented but not tested
2005-11-03 Martin Willi- thread_pool test added
2005-11-03 Jan HutterTest for Linked List written
2005-11-03 Jan Hutter- Testclass rewritten
2005-11-03 Jan Huttertest_all now counts number of tests
2005-11-03 Jan Hutter- Tester body written
2005-11-03 Martin Willi(no commit message)