- code cleaned up
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / testcases /
2005-12-06 Jan Hutter- code cleaned up
2005-12-06 Martin Willi- code cleanup in network and config
2005-12-06 Martin Willi- code cleanup of encoding package
2005-12-06 Jan Hutter- implemented jobs DELETE_HALF_OPEN_IKE_SA and DELETE_E...
2005-12-05 Jan Hutter- Implemented but not tested unknown_payload_t
2005-12-05 Jan Hutter- Implemented and tested eap_payload_t
2005-12-05 Jan Hutter- implemented and tested cp_payload_t
2005-12-05 Martin Willi- kernel interface hacks, works partially
2005-12-05 Jan Hutter- implemented and tested VENDOR ID payload
2005-12-05 Jan HutterDELETE payload implemented and tested
2005-12-05 Jan Hutter- cleaned code of generator_t class
2005-12-05 Jan Hutter- implemented and tested cert_payload_t
2005-12-05 Jan Hutter- added payload CERT
2005-12-04 Martin Willi- implemented RSA, only signing and verifying esma_pkcs...
2005-12-03 Jan Hutter- authentication with preshared key working but code...
2005-12-02 Jan Hutter- retransmitting of requests implemented
2005-12-02 Martin Willi- state ike_auth_requested
2005-12-01 Martin Willi- added ts for both initator and responder
2005-12-01 Martin Willi- added
2005-12-01 Martin Willi- tested sa with traffic selectors
2005-12-01 Jan Hutter- implemented functionality to generate sa payload...
2005-12-01 Jan Hutterimplemented and tested functionality to create sa_paylo...
2005-11-30 Jan Huttercreated class init_config_t encapsulating configuration...
2005-11-30 Jan Hutter- added positioned functionality to linked_list_t
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- encryption seems to work
2005-11-29 Martin Willi- tested encryption payload
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- implemented and tested ts_payload_t
2005-11-29 Martin Willi- fixed kill behavior
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- added and tested auth_payload_t class
2005-11-29 Martin Willi- globals packed in a daemon
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter(no commit message)
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- added and tested id_payload_t
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- changed creation of iterator
2005-11-29 Martin Willi- changed allocation behavior
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- testcases added to module testcases
2005-11-29 Jan Hutter- memory allocation tests removed
2005-11-28 Martin Willi- return value cleanup
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- memory allocation checks removed
2005-11-28 Jan Huttergenerator rewritten (no memory allocation test anymore)
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- AUTH_HMAC_MD5_96 and AUTH_HMAC_SHA1_96 implemented...
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- aes encryption with 128 successfully tested
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- aes encryption working but code not cleaned
2005-11-28 Jan Hutter- wrote test for aes_cbc but encryption does not seem...
2005-11-27 Martin Willi- moved hasher_*_t to *_hasher_t
2005-11-25 Jan Hutter- changed way of freeing chunks
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- moved algorithm definitions from payloads to correspo...
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- moved linked_list_iterator_t to iterator_t, located...
2005-11-24 Martin Willi- moved remove-method to iterator
2005-11-24 Jan Hutter- memory leaks fixed
2005-11-23 Martin Willi-
2005-11-23 Martin Williok
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- created package threads
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- created encoding package
2005-11-23 Martin Willi- moved packet and socket in new network-package
2005-11-23 Jan Hutter- changed include paths
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- md5 hmac test
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- added md5 test
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- implemented md5 hasher
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- prf_plus test
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- dummy test
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- added test for appending hmac functionality
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- readded
2005-11-22 Jan Hutter- fuck
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- removed key from constructor
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- added hmac test
2005-11-22 Martin Willi- renamed constant
2005-11-21 Martin Willi- added sha1 tester
2005-11-21 Martin Willi- implementation of hasher_sha1
2005-11-18 Jan Hutter- implemented all diffie hellman groups
2005-11-18 Jan Hutterfixed segmentation fault bug
2005-11-18 Jan Hutter(no commit message)
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- started to implement diffie hellman class
2005-11-17 Jan Hutter- fixed bug in nonce test
2005-11-17 Martin Willi- fixed bug
2005-11-17 Martin Willi- modified for new linked list
2005-11-17 Martin Willi- added new managers
2005-11-16 Martin Willi""
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- spi_t replaced with u_int64_t
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- updated tests to varius changes in modules
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- fixed bug of generator
2005-11-16 Jan Hutter- tried to fix memory errors
2005-11-16 Jan Hutterfixed bug in logger_manager
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- parsing notify messge
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- nonce payload tested
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- notify payload written and tested
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- support for key exchange payload
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- nonce payload added
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- nonce payload added
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- wrote payload sa_payload
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- generator refactored
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- SA Payload is generated
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter fixed bug with new function set_next_type
2005-11-15 Jan Hutter- test of header payload rewritten
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- needs update to getter and setter of ike_header
2005-11-15 Martin Willi- moved ike_header fields to private
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- parser succesfully parses sa payload
2005-11-14 Jan Huttertest for proposal substructure written
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- transform_substructure fully implemented
2005-11-14 Jan Hutter- class transform_attribute fully tested and written
2005-11-14 Martin Willi- including all running tests