- uses new packet with host_t now
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / socket.c
2005-11-16 Martin Willi- uses new packet with host_t now
2005-11-11 Martin Willi- logger in utils
2005-11-10 Martin Willi- removed strongswan includes, we are now self-containe...
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- memory allocation now works with allocator-functions...
2005-11-09 Jan Hutter- changed memory allocator functions to own allocator...
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- added cancelation point on receive
2005-11-07 Jan Hutter- error in memory allocation fixed
2005-11-07 Martin Willi- updated comments
2005-11-07 Martin Willi- revised packet and socket interface
2005-11-04 Martin Willi- first attempt of socket abstraction (more to do)