- leak detective is usable, but does not show static function names
[strongswan.git] / Source / charon / sa / child_sa.c
2006-04-13 Martin Willi- leak detective is usable, but does not show static...
2006-04-10 Martin Willi- split up in libstrong, charon, stroke, testing done
2006-03-23 Martin Willi- rewrite of logger_manager, uses now one instance...
2006-03-16 Martin Willi- reworked configuration framework completly
2006-03-14 Martin Willi- first attempt for connection loading and starting...
2006-03-02 Martin Willi- comments and cleanups
2006-03-01 Martin Willi- working policy installation and removal
2006-02-23 Martin Willi- fixed policy setup bug
2006-02-22 Martin Willi- proposal setup implementation begun
2006-02-16 Martin Willi- installing of child sa works
2006-02-14 Martin Willi- refactored ike proposal
2006-02-10 Martin Willi- key derivation for child_sa works
2005-12-07 Jan Hutter- code cleaned up
2005-12-04 Martin Willi- started implementation of netlink kernel interface